Always drinking enough water

It can be difficult to drink at least two liters of water every day. With the Cabau Water Bottle with 1 liter capacity, this is no longer a problem. The unique "Drink to Boom" size indicator helps you do this. In the beginning you are a small flower and by drinking enough you will blossom into a real flower.

You fill your bottle early in the day and you'll find that because of the drinking spout, you take a few good sips every time. Before you know it, it's already time to fill the water bottle for a second time!

Take it everywhere

The 1 liter drinking bottle has a convenient carrying loop. You can put this around your wrist to take the bottle with you easily. In addition, it is leak-proof, so you can put it in your sports bag without worry. Make your colleagues jealous at the office, take it to the gym or just at home.

Add a supplement to add flavour to your water

Do you have trouble drinking water because you just don't like it that much? Add a booster from Cabau and flavor your water. As a bonus, you also have the positive effects of the product. For example, the Fatburner contributes to your fat burning and tastes delicious as well.

Drinking spout for easier drinking

We just talked about this, but you'll find that a drinking spout helps you drink more. The clever design means you don't have to tilt the water bottle and you can always keep it upright when you drink.

You're sure that you'll steal the show

Last, but definitely not least ... the Cabau Water Bottle is a real picture! The reason why now more than 60,000 power women have one or more colors of the 1 liter water bottle in their homes. Encourage your girlfriends to join this club too and give them €5 as a gift, while you receive €5. How to do that? You can read about it at the bottom of this page!

Wie benutzt man


You can enjoy your water bottle the longest if you keep it clean. It is important to never put it in the dishwasher. The coating of the water bottle does not withstand this well and can cause stains. In addition, putting the bottle in the dishwasher will void the bottle's warranty.

With each 1 liter water bottle we supply a handy cleaning brush. This allows you to thoroughly clean the spout and straw. The bottle and cap of the bottle itself are best cleaned with a little detergent and a dishwashing brush. This way you can enjoy your water bottle with straw the longest!


The water bottle is specially designed not to tilt. This allows you to always keep bottle upright when drinking and to empty the entire 1 liter capacity of the water bottle. Should you find it difficult to drink because your chin touches the bottle, you can push the cap further up. This makes drinking easier. However, it may be that the drinking spout comes back harder.

Water bottle drinks difficult or makes noices

Sometimes the water bottle may make a squeaking sound while drinking or it may vacuum, making drinking more difficult. This happens because there is air in the straw and in combination with the suction. Don't panic, it's easy to fix. To fix it, you can perform the following steps:

1: Remove the straw from the spout and flush it well. Then reattach it to the spout.
2: Fill the water bottle completely with 1 liter of water.
3: Blow through the drinking spout, allowing all the air to escape.
4: Drink from the water bottle.

If necessary, you can repeat the above steps. That way you can fully enjoy your Bloom Water Bottle again!


I want to personalize my water bottle, is that possible?

Want to give a unique gift or put yourself in the limelight for a while? It is possible to put a name or text on our 1 liter water bottles. On this page you can choose Deep Wine or Beige color and personalize your water bottle. Incredibly fun right?

I want my brand on multiple bottles, is that possible?

Would you like to surprise your employees, colleagues or teammates with a Cabay Drink Bottle with your company's or club's logo? That is certainly possible. Just fill out our partner form and Team Cabau will help you with all their love.

Can my kid also use the water bottle?

Yes, definitely! The water bottle is completely BPA-free and does not leak. It also looks awesome to see a little one walking around with a big water bottle. Is your child or nephew/cousin still too small for the 1 liter Cabau Water Bottle? Then go for the Kids Bottle. This kids' water bottle can be printed with a name, comes with two sticker sheets and looks super cute too!

What is the warranty of my water bottle?

It is always possible to return an unused water bottle within 14 days in its original packaging. You can easily start a return via our returns portal.

Is your water bottle delivered damaged or broken within three months of purchase due to a manufacturing defect? Then you can fill out our contact form, describe the problem and add pictures. Team Cabau will look for an appropriate solution. User errors will unfortunately not be reimbursed, but fortunately you can order a replacement part for a small fee.

My desired color is out of stock, now what?

You guys are huge fans of the Cabau Water Bottle 1 liter and we love it. We do our very best to offer every power woman the opportunity to order one or more water bottles. Unfortunately, it may happen that a color water bottle is temporarily sold out. Please leave your email address by clicking the "keep me informed" button when a bottle is out of stock. You will receive email as soon as the water bottle is available to order again!

Will there be more colours of the Water Bottle?

We now have four beautiful examples of the Cabau Water Bottle in our assortment. But we can divulge that from time to time we add new colors to expand your collection or meet your desire.

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How is the water bottle delivered?

The water bottle comes in a beautiful gift box. In addition, there is a cleaning brush and flyer in the box. This allows you to fully enjoy your water bottle or give another power fold a great gift.