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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you cancel the subscription every month?
With a Premium Membership you get the most out of your Cabau App. You can choose to pay monthly or yearly. If you choose to pay monthly, it can be cancelled monthly. Do you wish to go yearly, you will get two months for free!

How can I download the app?
You can easily download the app yourself via the App Store or the Google Play Store. If you want to get the most out of your Cabau App and want to upgrade to a Premium Membership you can do this in the app itself or through our Webapp!

My premium account is not working
It can sometimes take a while for your Premium Membership to become active. It is best to close the app completely and then open it again. Still not working? Please contact Team Cabau and they will sort it out for you!

Can I use the app even when I am pregnant?
The Cabau App is for every power woman. Whether you are just starting with sports or already competing at the highest level. You can vary your workouts by yourself. Less in the mood for an intensive workout? Meditate or Yoga with Yolanthe! There are also exercises for pregnant power women. Get Fit, Stay Fit!

Cast to TV with app
You can cast your Cabau App to your television with Airplay if you have an iPhone. At this time, it is not possible yet to cast your Cabau App to your television if your phone is running Android software. The Cabau App is constantly being updated with new content and new features. Stay up to date with us via our newsletter or Instagram.

How can I cancel my subscription?
If you want to cancel your monthly or yearly subscription, you can easily do it yourself. Don't know how? You can find the instructions for the App Store & Google Play Store here. Subscribed through our Webapp? Unsubscribe the same way!

Other questions?
If you are having trouble with the app, or when you have some ideas to improve the Cabau App, you can contact us at customerservice@cabaulifestyle.com