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Become a Sleeping Beauty

Morning phase:
Start your day with hydrating all beauty cells in your body. Mix 2 scoops of your Collagen Booster with 250 to 300 ml of water. Daily intake of collagen helps our skin, hair and nails to stay elastic and strong. A boost to your inner beauty cells is a boost to your outer glow.

While enjoying your morning collagen drink, take 1 capsule of Biotine Hair Vitamins. Biotine is contributes to normal hair growth and a normal hair condition. In combination with collagen, synergy is created and an ultimate boost is given to your skin, hair and nails.

Evening phase

After a busy and long day, nothing beats a chill stay-in night and a good night’s sleep. To help your body to relax and sleep better, take 1 scoop of your Sleep Well and mix with 250 to 300 ml of hot or cold water. Enjoy your hot or cold tea 30 to 15 minutes before bed and sleep like a baby. You’ll see, you’ll wake up as a queen.

For glowing skin & hair routine

  • Collagen Booster: Radiate from the inside out. Say yes to glowing skin, strong nails and healthy hair.
  • Biotin: The secret behind the recovery of our skin, nails and hair. Combine this with the Collagen Booster which provides structural support and elasticity.
  • Sleep Well: Sleep as Sleeping Beauty, while recharging your soul after a busy day.

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