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28-Day Weight Loss Pack

VAN €127,65, NU VOOR €79,95

Volledig in balans met de 28-Day Weight Loss Pack. Hierbij ontvang je voedings- & trainingsschema voor 28 dagen. Ook geschikt voor vegetariërs & veganisten.

Daarnaast krijg je ook eens een supplementenpakket & twee maanden toegang tot de Premium Cabau App. Alles om binnen no-time fit te worden! 🌸

Back in Shape Pack

Get slim smartly and get back in shape

23% Discount, now from €78,95

Losing weight is a serious challenge. That’s why we brew a formula to help you maximize efforts and reach concrete goals – or concrete abs, for that matter. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced weight watcher, the Cabau Back in Shape Pack makes eating less and getting slim a whole lot easier and fun.

Two fatburners a day keeps excess weight away! To avoid overeating and secret snacking, the Fatburner is consumed half an hour before breakfast and one hour after lunch. The High Protein Meal replaces or complements up to two daily meals. Easy to make with your Cabau Shaker.

The pack comes with the Back in Shape Meal & workout plan to help you with making healthy choices & making exercising easier. The Meal Plan is full of delicious breakfast-, lunch- & diner-recipes in combination with the Back in Shape Pack. You can find the 14-day Workout Plan in the Cabau App. Not a Premium member yet? Then you will receive a month for free.

Sleeping Beauty Pack

Become a Sleeping Beauty

19% Discount, now from €74,95

A boost to your inner beauty cells is a boost to your outer glow. Biotin in combination with the Collagen Booster, synergy is created and an ultimate boost is given to your skin, hair and nails.

After a busy and long day, nothing beats a chill stay-in night and a good night’s sleep. To help your body to relax and sleep better, take 1 scoop of your Sleep Well. You’ll see, you’ll wake up as a queen.

Yolanthe's Daily Routine

Foster well-being & radiate inner beauty

13% Discount, now from €109,95

A victress knows that her body needs vital nutrients to thrive and breathing space to recover. Yolanthe’s Daily Routine allows women to flourish during day and recharge batteries at night. Face the morning twilight with fresh energy and present the world a rejuvenated, glowing empress.

A daily shot of tropical vitamins and minerals in the Vitamin Boost supports your immune system and overall well-being. Collagen Booster nourish your skin, hair, and nails while the tasty Protein Shake feed your muscles up to three times a day. Come nightfall, the Sleep Well transforms you into Sleeping Beauty.

High Protein Ice Cream Pack

Ice cream is for every day  💖

15% Discount, now from €24,95

We cannot hide our love for ice cream. Especially when they are full of protein and easy to make with our ice cream maker. We also can't get enough of the delicious flavours: Forest Fruit, Strawberry and Orange. Just for you,  we have created this bundle so you can have both the protein ice cream and the popsicle maker for a special, very attractive, price!