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Ice cream is for every day 💖

We cannot hide our love for ice cream. Especially when they are full of protein and easy to make with our ice cream maker. We also can't get enough of the delicious flavours: Forest Fruit, Strawberry and Orange. Just for you,  we have created this bundle so you can have both the protein ice cream and the popsicle maker for a special, very attractive, price!

Protein Ice Cream

You know what they say: "Ice cream is a girl's best friend" (well after diamonds then 😉) We wish to be able to eat ice cream all day, but our body does not quite like that idea.. That is why, at Cabau Lifestyle, we have created Protein Popsicles. In this way, we can eat ice cream whenever we like. Indulge yourself with our Forest Fruit, Strawberry or Orange flavored ice cream. Difficult to pick one? Go for a bundle to save some money and have more choice! What do we want more, ladies? Enjoy as a post-workout snack, dessert or just as a little treat!

Popsicle Mold

The Cabau Popsicle Mold is one of our favorite gadgets. Especially because it allows us to make delicious and healthy Cabau Protein Ice Cream Popsicles. It is the perfect activity for every power woman who wants to have a moment to herself. The reward is a delicious Cabau Protein Popsicle which we can munch on afterwards. Besides the protein popsicles, you can also perfectly use the Cabau Popsicle Mold to make DIY popsicles yourself.

Let your muscles grow and recover

Do not underestimate the power of a Protein Popsicle. Especially your muscles will be very happy with this particular ice cream after an intensive workout session.

Perfect for the whole family

The Cabau Protein Popsicle is made from natural high-quality ingredients which makes them suitable for young and old. Treat your whole family with delicious ice cream and bloom together. This protein popsicle serves as a valuable addition to a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Easy to make

For busy successful power women, convenience is the magic word. The Cabau Lifestyle Protein Popsicle "speaks" this magic word quite well. After all, it is simple and quick to prepare: Just add 15 gram of the protein popsicle ice cream mix (about 1.5 scoop) to 50 ml of water in a shaker, mix, pour in the Cabau Popsicle Mold and store in the freezer for at least 5 hours. Repeat the first two steps if you want to make and freeze several popsicles in one batch. A great activity to do with kids!

Fast absorption

Especially after exercising, we want to replenish the protein supply in our body as quickly as possible to allow our body to recover. The Cabau Protein Popsicle, which consists for 65% of protein, is composed in such a way that the ingredients are quickly absorbed by our body. This, in turn, gives us a major boost which we all deserve after a good workout.

Please note, you can only benefit from one bundle discount per order.