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Bracelet Amorpha


Le Olive x Cabau Lifestyle

New! Now also available for kids
The ultimate summer item to make your outfit colorful, personalized, and fashionable. Customize with your own name, initials, or those of your loved ones. These bracelets are perfect to gift holding a positive message to keep your life colorful, inspirational, and loved. 

What makes it unique:

  • Six beautiful colours for all occasions and outfits
  • One size fits all (also available in kids sizes)
  • Personalize with your name or initials
  • The perfect gift for yourself or a loved one

We have dedicated the Femperia and Amorpha bracelet to Free a Girl and will donate 25% of all profits.



Le Olive & CABAU Lifestyle

This collaboration between Le Olive and CABAU Lifestyle symbolizes the power of unity among women. Through this collection, we aim to inspire women to keep their lives colourful, inspirational and loved.

When we work together we can make good things happen. From this belief, we have joined forces for the Free a Girl foundation. Representing the strength and resilience of women working towards a common goal, we have dedicated the Femperia and Amorpha bracelet to Free a Girl. Femperia It is a name that represents the best of what women can be - powerful, influential and inspiring. The name Amorpha symbolizes the journey of self-discovery and personal evolution. 25% of these bracelets are donated to Free a Girl.

When we women unite, we have the ability to bring about significant change and pave the way for a brighter future. By supporting Free a Girl, we are not only raising awareness about the issue of sexual exploitation, but also able to create a better future for the next generation of women. This bracelet is a symbol for our power to transform the world, our bravery to fight for freedom and for our love that unites us all.

Amorpha bracelet

Amorpha - A name that speaks to the heart. It represents the power of love and transformation in a woman's life. With Amorpha, a woman can embrace her desire for love while also having the strength and courage to change and grow. It is a name that symbolizes the journey of self-discovery and personal evolution. With Amorpha, a woman can find her true self and spread her wings to new horizons.


Material: Nylon & the charm is metal
Dimensions: The circumference of the adults bracelet is 15-23 cm. The kids dimensions is 10-23 cm. However it one-size and adjustable to any size by pulling the strings.