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Yoni Eggs


In Yolanthe's wonderful spiritual journey, she discovered the yoni egg and experienced its benefits. Since then, the Yoni egg journey has played a vital role in her routine to increase inner strength & vitality. Exclusively for Cabau Lifestyle, she shares her experience with us. Join the Yoni Experience Journey and bring your inner strength to the next level. Here, it is all about creating a loving relationship with your yoni.
Set of 3, including a set box and carrying bag

Want to know more about the experience? Watch our videos

❗ Please read the FAQ before use


Boost in energy and vitality

Yoni eggs are egg-shaped gemstones that you can insert vaginally. Yoni literally means "sacred temple" in Sanskrit and is metaphorical for vulva. For centuries, the area around the pelvic floor has been seen as the foundation for a long, healthy and happy life. By using the yoni egg to train and pamper this part of the body, you can feel more energised and vital.

Perfect for meditation and yoga sessions

Yoni eggs play such an important role in the world of yoga and meditation that dedicated yoni egg exercises have been created. This is how the yoni yoga and yoni meditation have been called into existence. The popularity of yoni eggs can be explained by the fact that they can have a beneficial effect on both emotional and spiritual levels. This way, you may feel enlightened. In addition, you could experience a deeper connection to your body, soul, intuition & feminine wisdom.

Access to unconditional love

It is not without reason that yoni eggs are made of gemstones. What makes these stones so special is their supportive effect on the chakras. There are seven main chakras with each symbolising a particular part of your body. Each specific type of gemstone ensures that the energy of a particular chakra flows through and is not blocked. This by emitting their energy at a specific vibrational frequency. We humans are also made up of energy that can vibrate at the same frequency. In this way, the stones send the positive energy to us.

Yo specifically chose Rose Quartz because it acts on the chakra of the heart so that it opens your heart to the love you receive and give. The movements your yoni makes with the yoni egg help to rekindle your confidence and calm your aura. You can then, in turn, open yourself to a deeper love commitment.

Training of your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles

When you insert a yoni egg into your vulva, your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles must tighten to hold the egg. In this way, you effectively train these muscles and ensure that they become stronger. This provides many benefits. Not only can it boost your sex life, but it also helps to keep you away from incontinence and bad posture. Also, it can contribute to improved blood flow in the vaginal area. The yoni eggs come in three different sizes: M (4.5x3.0cm), S (4.0x2.5cm) and XS (3.0x2.0cm). The more your pelvic floor muscles are trained and the tighter they become, the smaller the yoni egg may be. So the idea is that you gradually work from M to XS.

Feel your inner strength

The yoni egg brings us into better contact with our pelvic area. This is where we feel our femininity the most. It reminds us of how great it is to be a woman. If you take good care of it, your inner superpower can be better unleashed. It, in turn, helps you to be the best version of yourself, after which you can inspire other power women to do the same.

You can use it at any time of the day

The great thing about the yoni egg is that you can practice with it at any time of the day during almost any activity. For example, in the morning during a yoga session or in rest position when you are working behind your computer. Whatever time you choose, it is important to always pick a time and an occasion when your body & yoni are rested and you have all the time you need to focus on them.

Yolanthe's experience

"Two years ago, I went through a difficult period in my life. I started to focus more on inner work and inner happiness. I remember that, while being in Spain, I was introduced to a book about Yoni egg crystals that you have to put inside your body and that helps you in your personal self-development journey. So, I decided to give it a try and I was amazed by the results. It helped me to not only strengthen my pelvic floor muscles, but also to feel fully empowered in all ways. Now, I feel more connected to my body. Looking back on my journey, the Yoni Egg Experience has been a big part of it. "
- Yolanthe Cabau

Want to know more about the experience? Watch our videos

How to get the best out of the yoni egg?

  1. Clean your yoni egg with warm water and natural soap. First time? Sterilise it in boiling water at a gradually increasing temperature.
  2. Start with a warming up and give your body a massage, especially around your pelvic floor. You can greatly use the yoni egg for this purpose.
  3. Gently insert the yoni egg into your vagina. Make sure the egg is pointing upward. For more smoothness, rub the gemstone with some coconut oil. Do not apply too much force. The art is to let the opening of your vagina absorb it naturally. Immediately stop if you feel pain and proceed with using the egg externally instead (e.g. on your heart or on your belly).
  4. You can keep the yoni egg inside you for as long as you want. Start short and try to build up gradually. You will then automatically get to the point where it is comfortable to leave it in all night. In this way, it can absorb all the negative energy around your pelvis and vagina during your sleep.
  5. When you finished using it, you can let the yoni egg come out by itself. Trigger this by standing up and relaxing your muscles. If needed, pull the string a little and let your pelvic floor muscles make gentle squeezing movements.
  6. Clean the yoni egg with warm water and natural soap.
  7. Charge your yoni egg in a place where it can come into contact with the sun or moonlight. Even with the window glass in between, the light can still reach the gemstone. The sun and the moon are the most powerful sources of the four elements: earth, air, fire and water. So, the egg can be effectively recharged with positive energy for your next session.

What are the Cabau Yoni Egg made of?

The yoni egg is made of 100% natural and genuine Rose Quartz gemstone. They are REACH-certified.

When and how often should I use the yoni egg?

There is no set rule on when and how often you should use the yoni egg. It depends on factors such as how long you already have been using the egg and how well you get along with it. It can vary from a few 15-minute sessions to a few whole nights per week. What is important is that you should build it up gradually and listen carefully to what your body wants & can handle.

How do you apply the yoni egg?

After cleaning the yoni egg, you can give your body a massage as a warming up, especially around your pelvic area. This will make you feel more at ease, allowing the gem to be easily absorbed by the vulva. To facilitate the process, you can also rub the gemstone with some coconut oil.

What are the things I need to be aware of when using the yoni egg?

The use of the yoni egg should be completely painless. If it hurts, even a little bit, you should remove it immediately. When you are pregnant, please only use a yoni egg that is made of Rose Quartz. Other gemstone types may be too intense. Pregnant women should restrict to 30 minutes a day and a few times per week.

When is it best not to use the yoni egg?

It is best not to use the yoni egg during your menstrual cycle or if you have a vaginal infection. Also, if you are using an IUD, it is better not to use a yoni egg.

What is the best way to maintain the yoni egg?

It is recommended to give the yoni egg a deep cleaning session after usage, preferably with warm water and natural soap. Please note that Rose Quartz is very sensitive to sudden temperature fluctuations. For example, if you want to sterilise it in boiling water, make sure you raise the temperature gradually. The same goes for letting it cool down. Otherwise, fractures and cracks may appear in the stone. It is also important that the gemstone is sufficiently charged in the sunlight or moonlight before the next session.

I see small cracks in the yoni egg, what should I do?

Small internal cracks are inherent in the material of the gemstone. However, If the yoni egg begins to break and/or fractures start to show up on the surface, then you should not use it anymore.

Why does a yoni egg need to be charged?

The yoni egg is charged with positive energy. During each usage, this energy will be absorbed by your pelvic area. Therefore, it is important to recharge the yoni egg after each session by exposing it to life-giving energy, of which the sun and moonlight are the most powerful sources.

What are the differences between the sizes?

Depending on how strong and tight your pelvic floor muscles are trained, a specific yoni egg size will fit. They come in three different sizes: M (4.5x3.0cm), S (4.0x2.5cm) and XS (3.0x2.0cm). The idea is that you gradually work your way from M to XS.

  • Yoni eggs in size M: Recommended for beginners who have never given birth to a child before.
  • Yoni eggs in size S: Recommended for advanced beginners who want to add a level of difficulty to the exercises.
  • Yoni eggs in size XS: Recommended only for super experienced ladies who have fully mastered the elevator exercises (most difficult tasks).