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Resistance Bands

For us powerwomen this really sounds like the perfect workout: an effective workout where we only need a resistance band and don't have to leave the house. With our Cabau Resistance Bands this is possible.

Made of 100% natural latex, the fitness elastics are very stretchy. You can do endless strength training exercises with them. They come in a set of four, each with its own color and resistance (from X-Light to X-Heavy).

Resistance levels:
  • X-Light - 2.27 kg
  • Light - 4.54 kg
  • Medium - 6.80 kg
  • Heavy - 9.07 kg
  • X-Heavy - 11.34 kg
Go crazy combining the different colors and exercises. In our Cabau App you will find numerous workout exercises with the Cabau resistance band. This is how we make working out a party, ladies! Don't forget to store them safely in the handy storage bag afterwards.