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Make your dreams come true!

What is your passion? What do you want? What makes you happy? Those important questions in life are often difficult to answer. Yet, we are about to dig deep and start looking for the answers to these questions. Why? Because you need the answers to these questions in order to turn your dreams into reality.

Sleeping Beauty: 5 Tips to sleep better at night

As power women, we deserve to have a good night's sleep just like anyone else. This will allow us to shine the next morning and achieve our goals with total focus and energy. Unfortunately, many of us struggle with sleep problems. Various factors may be the cause of this such...

What to do against cellulite?

I eat healthy, I exercise regularly and yet, what is happening to the skin on my buttocks and thighs?! Stripes, dimples, bubbles.. Do you recognize yourself in this? I bet, because 98% of women experience some form of cellulite. If so many women suffer from this, there has to be...

Which inner flower are you?

Similar to flowers, we are beautiful and unique in our own way. That is why we are greatly loved by those around us. The power woman inside of us is connected to her inner flower. Do you want to know which inner flower you are? Sit back with a delicious...

YES, Let’s Do This!

Self-knowledge is the key to inner growth. Arm yourself with valuable insight, control, and creativity and nothing or no one will block your blooming! YES, let’s do this!

We got an Easter gift for you

Help the Cabau bunny find the golden & blue Easter eggs This spring season opens new doors for you to take on new chances and rise again. Bloom together with the flowers in the lawn and be inspired by the morning songs of the birds. To celebrate both this flourishing...

Yolanthe’s Birthday Wishlist

Every day is a good day to be happy. And today is a happy day because… it’s Yolanthe’s birthday! Okay, so parties, presents and cake, right? We couldn’t be more wrong. Yolanthe’s birthday wishlist looks a little different than what you might expect: the list consists of three wishes for...

Why International Women’s Day is important

International Women’s Day is a day to embrace – and question women’s rights achievements so far. It’s a day we can use to raise awareness about gender equality. Just one special day. Even if one day is not nearly enough to address gender (in)equality around the world.

Who do you want to be?

Hi there! I am mental coach Claudia and in this blog I help powerwomen to gain more control over their lives to achieve better results. Besides being a mental coach, I am an enthusiastic athlete with an elephantine love of tasty, healthy (and plenty of!) food. "Thoughts determine your feelings,...