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The power of meditation

What is meditation and what good does it bring us? This article is all about the power of meditation so that you will be able to experience its positive effects. Go for it, power woman!

Create the perfect fitness routine

Creating a fitness routine seems like mission impossible for many power women. That is why we from Cabau Lifestyle have come up with a fitness app that helps you to easily build a workout routine. Discover it now! Due to our busy schedules, creating a fitness routine seems like mission...

The Power of the Moon

The Moon is not only a beauty on the outside, but she also holds a true power soul. This goddess of the universe has a great impact on the Earth’s water regime and seasons. Moreover, there is a great likelihood that she affects our emotions as well.

A positive mindset + 7 easy tips

While we spend lifetimes finding answers on the question about what makes us happy, the key simply lies within ourselves. I have to confess, I was never one to believe that there was any real power in the act of positive thinking. It was only when I tried it that...

How to get the best out of yourself

As power women, we are always looking for ways to get the best out of ourselves. What are they? At Cabau Lifestyle, we have listed them for you. In this way, we can continue to bloom and unleash our inner potential.

Make your dreams come true!

What is your passion? What do you want? What makes you happy? Those important questions in life are often difficult to answer. Yet, we are about to dig deep and start looking for the answers to these questions. Why? Because you need the answers to these questions in order to...

Sleeping Beauty: 5 Tips to sleep better at night

As power women, we deserve to have a good night's sleep just like anyone else. This will allow us to shine the next morning and achieve our goals with total focus and energy. Unfortunately, many of us struggle with sleep problems. Various factors may be the cause of this such...

What to do against cellulite?

I eat healthy, I exercise regularly and yet, what is happening to the skin on my buttocks and thighs?! Stripes, dimples, bubbles.. Do you recognize yourself in this? I bet, because 98% of women experience some form of cellulite. If so many women suffer from this, there has to be...

Which inner flower are you?

Similar to flowers, we are beautiful and unique in our own way. That is why we are greatly loved by those around us. The power woman inside of us is connected to her inner flower. Do you want to know which inner flower you are? Sit back with a delicious...