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New Year resolutions: This is how we can keep them

We, power women, love to kick off a new year with resolutions. Although it is not always easy to stick to them, we have found some tips and tricks that make this an easy job. This way, we can bloom brighter this new year.

How meditation helps children

Children are exposed to stimuli all day long. Meditation helps children to process these stimuli. What exactly are the positive effects of meditation for kids?

Staying fit during the holidays

Sharing good food and having a nice drink with our loved ones are part of the holiday season. With a few tips and tricks, we can stay fit during this season while indulging ourselves with great mocktails, cocktails and bites.

Are you mentally stable?

Life is one big process of falling, pulling yourself back up again and moving on stronger than ever. It is a growth process which involves ups and downs. Without falling, you never learn how to get up. The ultimate goal of life: Be happy, and most importantly, stay happy. Oh...

This is how you recognize your inner power woman

Being a power woman is not something you become by working hard enough, earning a certain amount of money or achieving a certain popularity position in society. Being a power woman is a strength you were born with. We women were born with the power to learn, grow, achieve and...

Move your way through November

November cannot go by unnoticed, ladies. We need to celebrate it as this month is special in a variety of ways. With Thanksgiving falling in this month, you can already derive that gratitude and reflection are central. Also, this is your chance to still finish this current year strong with...

Keep blooming in the fall season

We tend to suffer from an energy dip during fall, but we still need to keep our heads up and unleash our inner potential. We have listed some tips and tricks for all the power women out there so that we can keep thriving during the fall and winter months...

The beauty of failure

The beauty of failure is something all power women should embrace. In this way, we can bloom intensely without letting setbacks stop us. We got this!

The secrets of the mealshake

For the busy bees among us, it is quite a challenge to adhere to regular meals and keep to the proper schedule. That is why many power women are fans of the Cabau Protein Meal, also called the Cabau meal replacements. What are the secrets of our high protein meal?...