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“You have to step into your power to be fulfillingly happy, to love unconditionally and to motivate the people around you. Own your worth and you will make this world a better place.”

You were born to bloom

Cabau inspires and motivates women to become stronger, fitter and more confident. We provide you with the tools, tips, and tricks you need to make it easier and way more fun to unlock your inner powerwoman – so go conquer the world. And we’re super excited to be by your side along the journey. 

“We are powerwomen by definition. Sometimes it just takes a moment to find our way and set the stage for our inner strength to grow. Exercise enables us to free ourselves from obstacles and fear – after which we can devoutly embrace ourselves and recognize the extraordinary powers we have always possessed.”

For a brighter future

Besides being awesome and female, the athletes, students, moms, and firefighters in our community have one thing in common: they shoot for the stars. We know that nutritious supplements, healthy food, smart workouts, cool gadgets, comfortable fashion, great technology and revitalizing me-time-wellness-moments help us rock big time. Yolanthe is co-founder of Free a Girl and Cabau wants a brighter future for every woman on this planet.

We want you to love our products 
Hence, we listen to you closely and if you say strawberry-mint is the way to go or need an energizing, orange-scented body oil – we’ll be right at it.

We try our best to be pure
And we expect the same from our products. That’s why we handpick the highest quality ingredients and invent perfect recipes.

We don’t judge
Open minded is our middle name. Instead of judging others, we continuously work on improving ourselves and help you to do the same.

We’re no-nonsense
We roll up our sleeves, take action in the blink of an eye, and we don’t make things unnecessarily complex. We’re open, laidback and loving.

We understand urgency
So if you place your order before 21:00 we make sure you will be enjoying your empowering products the next day.

We value safety
Just like Cleopatra had a food taster, we extensively try products before we deliver them to you. Yolanthe is living proof.

Cabau is driven by devotion

We’re dedicated to a healthy, empowering and satisfying lifestyle that enables female members of the human species to flourish like never before. And we want you to join the club. Our goal is to bring inspiration and motivation to all the amazing women out there by making exercising super fun, sports supplements more nutritional, healthy eating habits less boring and me-time more energizing. We want you to be strong, fit, and confident. Because we believe you were born to bloom and because we know you’ve got what it takes to make this world a happier and kinder place for everyone.