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Cabau Fitness App

Make exercise a daily habit with Yolanthe right in your pocket. Join Yolanthe’s personal workout programs to get fitter, stronger, and more confident. No matter how busy you are, no matter your goals. It’s more than fitness. It’s fitness that fits your lifestyle and helps you get the body you want. Workouts for women, by women, to empower women.

Professionally designed workout programs that focus on toning and tightening troubled areas and increasing endurance. Sounds vigorous? You’re right! But don’t worry, Yolanthe’s 10-, 20-, or 30-minute programs range from beginner workouts to advanced fitness levels. Get ready to sweat, build stamina, and uplift both your butt and your mood!

Cabau Family Classes

Join Yolanthe, her sisters & famous friends during high-intensity workouts that transform your body into a calory burning machine. These energetic and dynamic group sessions are exactly what you need to burn overall body fat, including belly fat.

- Duo work-out with Yolanthe & Monica Geuze
- Get your sweat on with Nina Warink
- Work on your sixpack with Rolf Sanchez
- Pump your butt with Selma Omari
- Do supersets with Jim Bakkum
- Pregnancy workout with Xelly
- And many more friends to come…

Nutrition Plans & Recipes

Your Cabau membership gets you more than exclusive content, amazing workouts and the tools to bloom even brighter. The App offers you (Premium) Recipes for Cabaulicious Foods & Drinks.

But what makes it really good are the available Nutrition Plans. With the Cabau App right there in your pocket you can acces our Bikini Body Meal Plan, Bloom Transformation, and 5-Day Superfood Detox anywhere. Making healthy choices was never so easy!

Special Membership Discount

Become a Premium member and be the first to find out new promotions. Enjoy a special membership discount of 10% on every order as long as you are a Premium member. Sign up today and start blooming with us and over 50.000 other power women!

The Cabau App facilitates a special community where we motivate eachother in becoming the best version of ourselves. This is where we share stories about joy and achievements, but also the lesser things in life. Start exploring and find out all it's amazing features.

“Once I developed workout routines that actually help me achieve visible results and keep me motivated, I knew I had to share my secrets with as many women as possible.”

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