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Protein Pancakes


Enjoy a healthy and well-balanced breakfast in two shakes to boost your energy levels at the very start of the day. With a mix of complex carbohydrates, high-quality proteins and unsaturated fats, they are your number one choice of breakfast. In addition, they serve perfectly as snack to give you the protein boost you are looking for.
1000 grams (25 pancakes)

Let your muscles grow

Protein contributes to muscle growth and maintenance. Thanks to its combination of egg protein, whey protein and milk protein, the protein pancake serves as a great addition in supporting your fitness goals.

Perfect mix of fibre and sweetness

Our protein pancakes are specifically developed for ambitious woman with an active lifestyle. We are continuously refining and perfectioning our recipes to make sure that you only get high-quality ingredients. The complex carbohydrates from the oatmeal contribute to your high fiber intake. The best above all is that our Pancakes do not contain any gram of sugar but only sweeteners.

For a busy but healthy live

We as superwomen work, take care of our kids, exercise and do the household chores. We just want to keep all the balls in the air. Sometimes due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a meal can escape from our attention. The protein pancakes then serve as lifesaver.

Easy to prepare

A busy lifestyle also means an active lifestyle. It is then perfect when you can quickly put a breakfast or snack on the table. The only thing you need to do is mixing the pancake mixture with water or milk. Eggshell pieces in your batter and struggles with your kitchen scales will all be part of the past. Just bake and voilà they are ready to eat. 

To be made in an instant

  1. Mix 40 gram of Protein Pancake mixture with 70 ml water or milk in a shaker
  2. Heat a pan on high heat and add a little bit of oil or butter.
  3. Lower the heat and pour the batter into the pan. Ensure it is spread evenly over the pan surface
  4. Bake until the pancake is golden brown.


Protein Pancakes, Banana per 100 gram per 40 gram
Energie / Energy 392,33 Kcal/ 1645,58 KJ 156,93 Kcal/ 658,23 KJ
Vet / Fats 11 gram 4,3 gram
Verzadigd / Saturated 3,3 gram 1,3 gram
Koolhydraten / Carbohydrates 31 gram 12 gram
Suikers / Sugars 2,3 gram 0,9 gram
Eiwitten / Protein 41 gram 16 gram
Vezel / Fibers 5,1 gram 2 gram
Zout / Salt 1,3 gram 0,5 gram
Mineralen / Minerals 3,9 gram 1,6 gram

INGREDIENTEN: Volkorenhavermeel (gluten), tarwe eiwit, wei eiwit concentraat (melk), eipoeder, rijsmiddel: dinatriumdifosfaat, rijstmiddel: natriumbicarbonaat, bananen poeder, natuurlijk aroma, zonnebloem lecithine, zoetstof: sucralose.
EN INGREDIENTS: Whole grain oat flour (gluten), wheat protein, whey protein concentrate (milk), egg powder, raising agent: disodium diphosphate, rice agent: sodium bicarbonate, banana powder, natural flavour, sunflower lecithin, sweetener: sucralose.

ALLERGENEN: Kan sporen van gluten, soja, eieren en melk bevatten.
ALLERGENES: May contain traces of gluten, soy, eggs and milk.

How many pancakes can I make with a package of Protein Pancakes?

The Protein Pancakes taste best when they are thick and golden brown. One package is good for around 25 Protein Pancakes. If you bake thinner pancakes, then of course you can get more portions out of one package.

Why should I use Protein Pancakes instead of a "normal" pancake mixtures?

Other pancake mixtures contain a lot of added sugars. With the High Protein Pancakes, we focus mainly on proteins and complex carbohydrates for a satiated feeling. Also, by strictly selecting ingredients we ensure it makes a difference in the taste as well.

What is the best time to eat a Protein Pancake?

Our Protein Pancakes contribute to a feeling of satiety. Hence, they can best be eaten during breakfast or as a snack.

Will I still be hungry after a Protein Pancake?

With our ingredients of proteins and complex carbohydrates our purpose is to let you have a satiated feeling. Although the duration of satiety can differ from person to person, you will usually feel satiated for 3 to 5 hours.

What should I do if the pancake is not cooked evenly?

Always make sure your pan is hot before you put the batter in the pan. Make sure to cook one side well before you flip it over to the other side. This is because the top of the pancake should be completely "dry" before you turn it.

In what circumstances is it better not to eat the Protein Pancakes?

Are you pregnant or under doctor's care? Then please consult your doctor before you start using the Protein Pancakes.

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Protein Pancakes