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Resistance Tubes Kit


Power women get ready.. In addition to resistance bands, we can now take our fitness, strength and endurance to the next level with the Cabau resistance tubes. With the handy handles & door strap, they are perfect for push and pull exercises. Unlike fitness machines, resistance tubes are designed to exert constant tension on your muscles and activate more muscle groups (both large and small). They come in a set of three, each with its own color and resistance level.

  • Alternate between different resistance levels & exercises
  • They are light in weight 
  • Easy to take it everywhere with you
  • Ideal for a full body workout
  • Made of 100% natural latex
  • Suitable for workouts at all levels 
Including a carrying bag and door anchor

    What's in the package?

    • 3 ergonomic non-slip resistance tubes
    • 1 door anchor
    • Beautiful handy bag to store everything

    Resistance Levels

    • Light 6-7 kg
    • Medium 9-11 kg
    • Heavy 16-18 kg


    Bent-over rows

    → Activated muscle groups: abdominals, upper back and biceps

    Bicep curls

    → Activated muscle groups: biceps and forearms

    Pull Through

    → Activated muscle groups: upper legs and glutes

    Standing fly

    → Activated muscle groups: back of shoulders and back

    In the Cabau App, you will find even more exercises you can spice up with the resistance tubes!