Daylight saving time: 4 tips to help your body and mind to adjust

Daylight saving time: 4 tips to help your body and mind to adjust

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Daylight saving time is no exception to it. When day becomes longer than night, it means for us that we can keep on banging away to get things done. Of course, this also has a downside. We often stay up longer, while the following morning we do not necessarily get up later than usual. How can we alleviate the effects of daylight-saving time as much as possible to bloom continuously?

Keep your sleep pattern constant

To ensure that our sleep pattern remains consistent is easier said than done. Especially when it is still light outside and the birds are happily singing, it is hard to fall asleep. However, that does not mean it is mission impossible. A glass of Sleep Well before going to bed can do wonders. Due to the various ingredients, it can stimulate peace of mind and improve sleep function. Sleeping like sleeping beauty has never been easier, ladies.

Try to go for a stroll every day

Longer and sunnier days provide us enough reason to go outside more often. So, try to take a daily stroll. Getting a breath of fresh air and letting our bodies produce vitamin D will do us a lot of good. You can also opt for an extra boost in vitamin D by taking vitamin D supplements. This way, you shine even more. At the same time, you will build up a supply for the winter months.

Keep your energy level up

The transition from winter to summertime can affect our energy levels. Not only do we lose an hour in the actual transition, but we also sleep relatively less as the days get longer. To reduce the resulting fatigue and maintain high energy levels, it is always good to take a serving of Women+ (multivitamins). An extra boost of magnesium also ensures we keep the balls high with full energy.

Stick to your schedule

Consistency is the magic word here. Just because the days are getting longer and the weather is getting nicer, does not mean we have reason to let go of our routine and schedule. We still need to make sure we consistently eat, get to work, pursue our hobbies, meet up with friends & family and exercise. The list goes on and on. What is also not entirely unimportant is to keep the atmosphere in our work and living environment constant to give us inspiration and strength. The good thing is that we can always vary with the different scents to still bring something new to the constant. We can do this, for example, with fragrance sticks and room sprays. This way, we can easily bridge the transition from winter to summertime and bloom throughout the year.

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