What we all do wrong in December

What we all do wrong in December

December, the time of Christmas trees, twinkling lights, and the most delicious recipes. We are tempted by gingerbread cookies, chocolate wreaths, and elaborate dinners. But in the midst of all the goodies, many of us experience a fair amount of stress. Coming up with the perfect Christmas dinner, arranging presents, and juggling family obligations sometimes make the days before Christmas more exhausting than festive.

Pitfalls of December

Let's face it, we all make some mistakes in December. Too much unhealthy food, not enough balance, little exercise, and an overdose of stress are pitfalls we can easily fall into. Before you know it, the coziest time of the year feels like a marathon of obligations and too many treats. This leads to guilt and extra pounds.

Morning routine

What if we did things differently this year? What if we put balance first? Instead of completely losing ourselves in overeating and stress, we go for conscious choices.

Start your morning with a High Protein Meal. A complete meal replacement in the right ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats that provides a long satiated feeling for only 302 kcal per meal with 20 grams of protein. Perfect to start your day energized. Don’t forget to take your vitamins with your meal, because we don’t want to get sick for Christmas. Having a nice solid morning routine is going to help you stay balanced in December and stick to healthy habits. In this way, we can sit guilt-free at the family Christmas dinner and enjoy all the goodies.

We don't have to cut out all workouts right away in December. A walk in the evening or a short workout in the morning is a gift to your body and mind. It's all about maintaining that balance between enjoying the December goodness and taking care of yourself. Try to do a 10-minute workout every day. Did you know that exercise lowers stress? Just what we need during this time.

Yes okay, In December it is tempting to fall into the traps of too many treats, not enough balance and not exercising enough. But by making conscious choices, maintaining balance and enjoying the little moments, we can ensure that the holidays are not only festive, but also carefree and healthy. Balancing is the key to a December to cherish.

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