Which inner flower are you?

Which inner flower are you?

Similar to flowers, we are beautiful and unique in our own way. That is why we are greatly loved by those around us. The power woman inside of us is connected to her inner flower. Are you eager to know which flower symbolizes your inner self? Relax with a glass of the delicious MoodBooster and find out now.


Do you have a big imagination, and you love to fantasize? Then your inner iris might be speaking. With a bundle of unlimited imaginations, you might come across as a mysterious type to those who do not know you well. They consider you less accessible. However, your inner circle knows that you are a loyal friend and family member on which they can always rely. You love to practice meditation and self-reflection. In addition, you are seeking for the truth. Therefore, you are constantly looking for ways to enrich your knowledge and to find out how the world works. Whether you read a good book or you go on an adventure trip, they are both equally valuable to you.


You always have an optimistic attitude. With your positivity, you are the ray of sunshine for those around you. That is why you are a true inspiration for others. Furthermore, you have a great sense of empathy and value the little things & gestures in life. Your style can best be described as a combination of classic and elegance. You have a strong affection for nostalgic moments and antique objects. Do you recognize yourself in this description? Then secretly you are a peony.


A tulip person is full of life and pursues new experiences. Every day is a party for you. This positivity and energy are contagious. This explains why you have many good friends and why people enjoy being around you. Not only do you love to create new experiences, but you also enjoy the memories of these experiences. That's why you collect photos & memories of fun times, such as holidays and parties. By doing so, you can cherish these precious events forever. Apart from that, you are also a confident woman, which is reflected in the way you dress. If this sounds like you, you may have a tulip inside you.


Do you, like a sunflower, seek warmth and do you also love to be the centre of attention? Are you also a warm and energetic person? Then you are a sunflower. No situation is too difficult for you. You know how to beat them with optimism time after time. Your sparkling personality also makes it easy for you to meet new people, which is your favorite activity. You easily involve a whole group of people in your story and activities. However, you also find happiness in the simplest things in life. To you, comfort is more important than style.


You are a cosmopolitan and are attracted to luxury. With your sophisticated and dynamic personality, you always manage to charm other people. For this reason, a lot of people wish to be friends with you. However, you have a relatively small group of close friends. Anyone outside your inner circle, you treat with distance and coolness. You believe that friendship is about quality rather than quantity. Appearance is also extremely important to you. That is why you invest a lot of care and attention in creating a personal and detailed style. Do you fit this description? Then an orchid is blooming inside of you.

Calla Lily

Are you a minimalistic person who loves punctuality? Do you consider yourself a hardworking lady who recognizes and acknowledges her own results and achievements? Then your inner flower might be a calla lily. Like this type of flower, you are rare. Your above-average intelligence and brilliance distinguish you from others. You prefer to let your intelligence and actions speak for themselves, rather than being verbally outspoken. You prefer to spend your free time solving difficult puzzle games in peace and silence. For someone who likes the expression, "Less is more", you are not a person who likes exuberance and frills. However, that doesn't stop you from looking sleek and chic.


Like the peony, the daisy is optimistic. You have a positive attitude towards life and try to see everything through rose-colored glasses. You always try to find the good in every situation. Your positive vibe is very contagious and put a smile on the faces of the people around you. You are also a morning person and like to get up early to have the whole day ahead of you. Do you recognize yourself in this? Then you are a "daisy" person.


Are you attracted to the finer things in life? Do you enjoy life and like to travel to exotic places? Then it's a gardenia that blooms inside you. Besides adventurous trips to faraway places, you love to immerse yourself in good food, educational experiences and culture. You make the most out of your life. Your emotions and the love you receive are what drives you. While it is true that you are sometimes hard to please, you care a lot about the people around you. As a result, you are extremely valuable to others.


Roses are true classics in the world of flowers. Just like the beautiful ageless bouquet of roses on your coffee table, your inner rose is also classy and stylish. You can effortlessly make a statement and shine on stage. On the outside you look like a quiet and traditional lady, but on the inside, you are romantic and thoughtful. You love to dwell on your thoughts, and you never hold back from a nice thinking game. In line with your traditional values and care for others, you are completely in your element in the presence of family and friends. Do you resonate with this description? Then it is your inner rose that speaks.


Daffodils are known as flowers that we give to show appreciation to our friends. This is also reflected in the inner daffodil, where everything revolves around friends and family. You always put them first. Occasionally this comes at the expense of your personal needs and wants. You love to organize parties and events for your loved ones. You get a lot of satisfaction from that too. What also characterizes you is the fact that you can easily combine love and hard work. Furthermore, you are also an artistic type. If it was up to you, you could decorate the entire wall with murals. Does this description sound like you? Then your inner flower is a daffodil.

Irrespective of what flower symbolizes your inner self, we are all born to bloom. So do it to the fullest and unleash your inner power!

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