Which Pack suits me best?

Which Pack suits me best?

A new goal often feels unattainable. With small daily adjustments and easy routines, we suddenly make achieving a new goal a lot easier. The key to this lies in having a clear plan. The Cabau Bundles are intended to support you in reaching your goal, whatever it may be. Finding it challenging to choose which package suits you best? We've got your back. Let us explain it for you.

Back In Shape Pack

12 to 14 days – 1500 to 1600 kcal per day.
Now €78,95, was €114,80!

Are you looking for an easily applicable plan to lose some weight within 14 days without completely overturning your routine? Then the Back In Shape Pack is exactly what you need. With the Back In Shape Pack, you replace at least one meal a day with a High Protein Meal. Ideal for busy mornings when you have little time for breakfast.

Additionally, you have a choice of 17 healthy food options for lunch and dinner each day. These include easy recipes that you can quickly prepare. Perfect for days characterized by a chaotic mix of work deadlines, social activities, and household obligations.

You also have control, as you can decide what and when to eat. Going all-in? With the plan, you get access to the Cabau App allowing you to follow 10-minute workouts and other workout classes according to a weekly schedule.

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5-Day Detox Pack

7 to 28 days – 1000 to 1200 kcal per day and going up per week.
Now €39,95, was €71,75

Do you want to lose weight quickly in a few days and/or is your body in need of a boost of vitamins, minerals, and healthy nutrients? Then the Cabau Superfood Bloom Detox is ready for you. Through a low-carb diet plan, combined with three vegetable and superfood juices per day, you'll lose weight quickly.

You take a break from exercising during these detox days so that you’ll have your full attention on the detox. In addition to a meal plan consisting of delicious, vegetable-rich recipes, you drink three juices a day made from vegetables, fruit, and superfoods. After the 7-day detox, you can continue your journey with an additional meal plan.

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21-day Weight Loss Challenge

21 days – 1500 to 1600 kcal per day.
Now €79,95, was €118,65

Losing weight has never been so fun, easy, and sustainable! Do you want to lose weight and stick to it for as long as possible? We have the solution for you. An easily applicable and enjoyable nutrition plan and training schedule for home and the gym. You don't even have to think! That's our job.

Your complete nutrition plan is ready every day, from breakfast and lunch to dinner and snack recipes. No long list of ingredients or hours in the kitchen. All recipes are easy and quick to prepare but above all, super tasty. In 21 days, you not only get closer to your target weight, but you also learn to be more mindful of nutrition, feel healthier, fitter, and slimmer!

In addition to a delightful nutrition plan, you also receive a training schedule consisting of fun, challenging workouts. Next to that, you will also receive the Fatburner, High Protein Meal, Vitamin Boost and a cute Cabau Shaker.

Are you ready to start your bloom journey? Thousands of other women have gone before you.

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