• Alternate between different resistance levels & exercises
  • They are light in weight 
  • Easy to take it everywhere with you
  • Ideal for a full body workout
  • Made of 100% natural latex
  • Suitable for workouts at all levels 
How to use

What's in the package?

3 ergonomic non-slip resistance tubes

1 door anchor

Beautiful handy bag to store everything

Resistance Levels

Light 6-7 kg

Medium 9-11 kg

Heavy 16-18 kg


Bent-over rows

→ Activated muscle groups: abdominals, upper back and biceps

Bicep curls

→ Activated muscle groups: biceps and forearms

Pull Through

→ Activated muscle groups: upper legs and glutes

Standing fly

→ Activated muscle groups: back of shoulders and back

In the Cabau App, you will find even more exercises you can spice up with the resistance tubes!