Mood Booster: Feel Good

Set the tone for the day with a positive attitude and a portion of happiness. 

Kick off the day

As a power woman with ambition, you also have a fantastically busy schedule that is overloaded with fun but intense activities and meetings. This is why we want to inspire you to wake up with a smile and positive vibes.

Easy to use

The Mood Booster Feel Good is easy to embed into your daily routine. We recommend you to take one portion per day in the morning with water. 

Suitable for vegetarians and vegan

The Mood Booster consists of plant-based ingredients, which makes it also suitable for the vegetarians and vegans among us. So if you live a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, the Mood Booster perfectly fits into this.

How to use

You will make your daily routine happy

By taking the Mood Booster, you will set the tone for the day right.

  1. Add 7 grams (about 1 scoop) of Mood Booster Feel Good into a glass.
  2. Add 250 ml of water.
  3. Stir well and enjoy the drink.

Take 1 dose per day. We recommend to take it in the morning, so that you can see the results throughout the whole day.



Mood Booster, Lime per 7 gram
L-Tyrosine 1000mg
L-Theanine 300mg
Tryptophan 285mg
Rhodiola rosea extract 1% 200mg
5-HTP 350mg
Panax ginseng (wortel) 50mg
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 1mg

INGREDIENTEN: Maltodextrine, l-tyrosine, voedingszuur: citroenzuur, natuurlijk citroen aroma, griffonia extract, l-theanine, l-tryptofaan, rhodiola rosea extract, zoetstof: sucralose, panax ginseng (wortel) extract, blauw spirulina (spirulina extract, trehalose, maltodextrine), kleurstof: kurkuma, pyridoxine (bit. B6 ).
EN INGREDIENTS: Maltodextrin, l-tyrosine, food acid: citric acid, natural lemon flavour, griffonia extract, l-theanine, l-tryptophan, rhodiola rosea extract, sweetener: sucralose, panax ginseng (root) extract, blue spirulina (spirulina extract, trehalose, maltodextrin) , coloring agent: turmeric, pyridoxine (bit. B6).


What is the Mood Booster Feel Good made of?

The Mood Booster consists of ingredients, including L-tyrosine, L-theanine, tryptophan, 5-HTP and vitamin B6. 

Does it matter when I take the Mood Booster Feel Good?

The Mood Booster Feel Good is easy to embed into your daily routine. We recommend you to take one portion per day in the morning with water. It is not advisable to exceed the recommended daily dose. To get the best out of Mood Booster Feel, you can use it for at least three months. 

How can I prepare the Mood Booster Feel Good?

You can take 7 grams – one portion – of Mood Booster with 250 ml of water.

Can I take Mood Booster Feel Good if I am pregnant?

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we do not recommend you to use Mood Booster. Please also seek advice from your doctor if you have specific questions.

Is the use of Mood Booster safe?

Using the Mood Booster is safe, provided you are not taking any medications or suffering from any medical condition. Be especially careful with medicines that can affect brain metabolism, such as antidepressants or tranquilizers. If you are taking these drugs, always consult your doctor first.