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Things you didn't know you can do with the Cabau Fatburner

Many power women use the Cabau Fatburner as part of their happy and healthy lifestyle. But do you know that there are many variations possible with the fat burner? It is ideal for power women who love variety and are creative!

5 best summer body workouts

The more summer is screaming for us, the more we dream about a summer body. Feeling more comfortable and in our element without all the winter weight gain.. Yes please! The following exercises help you to work towards your summer body in no time.

4 nutrition tips for a fit summer body

A body that is a few winter pounds lighter can definitely make us feel more in our element this summer. Not only is exercising important here, but nutrition also plays an essential role in getting our bodies in shape. Read along.

Easter Egg Mania at Cabau 🐰

Just like last year, the Easter Bunny visited Cabau Lifestyle again to get positive vibes and inspiration. During his visit, he dropped Easter eggs out of all enthusiasm and left them lingering around among all the Cabau goodies. So, with every order you make between now and April 18th 23:59...

Daylight saving time: 4 tips to help your body and mind to adjust

Daylight saving time begins again soon. This is more than just moving your clock ahead one hour. Did you know that the transition from winter to summertime also brings changes to your body and mind? Read along to find out how we can best respond to this, so that we...

Best tips to prepare your body and mind for the summer

Yay! Summer is really around the corner. How can we prepare our body, soul and mind to the fullest so that this summer will be the most amazing of all? Read along.

4 simple tips to prevent skin sagging

Unfortunately, we cannot deny the fact that our skin becomes slacker and hangs loosely as we age. Yet we can do quite a bit to slow down the process of skin aging. In this way, we can continue to bloom optimally power women. Read on now.

The best tips to increase self-love

Everything starts with self-love. Only when we truly love ourselves can we fully bloom and find our mojo. How do we do that exactly? Keep reading on.

The power of scent on our minds

Often we catch ourselves not giving enough care to our mind. An effective way to do that is to enrich our mind through scent. Read along.