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Benefits of collagen: things you should know about it

We, power women, often think of the collagen supplement as a wonder drug for keeping our skin, hair and nails intact and glowing. But what is collagen and what are its benefits? Let us find it out now.

Protecting your hair and skin from the sun: This is how to do it!

It is important that we protect ourselves from the sunrays. By doing this we reduce the chances of scalp damage and discolored hair caused by UV radiation. You can read more about it in this article.

This is how you get rid of your cellulite

Cellulite is not a girl's best friend! In fact, it often gets in the way of the self-confidence of power women. In a previous article, you have read about some tricks to enjoy a cellulite-free summer. Now we are going to elaborate on this by sharing with you how to...

Best tips to get cellulite-free skin this summer

We, power women, deserve to shine throughout the year. Feelings of insecurity about our body caused by cellulite should not stop us from getting the best out of ourselves. Here are some best tips that help us to enjoy a cellulite-free summer.

Boost your body confidence during pregnancy

For many pregnant power women, embracing body confidence can be a challenge. Especially the many changes that our body goes through during pregnancy can trigger feelings of body insecurity. The tips and tricks in this article will help you overcome this.

Best tips for working power mums: balancing motherhood and career

Balancing motherhood and career is not always easy for the power mums among us. In this article, we share the secret to both overcome this challenge and attain the balance we deserve in our life. We got your back, power mums!

Things you didn't know you can do with the Cabau Fatburner

Many power women use the Cabau Fatburner as part of their happy and healthy lifestyle. But do you know that there are many variations possible with the fat burner? It is ideal for power women who love variety and are creative!

5 best summer body workouts

The more summer is screaming for us, the more we dream about a summer body. Feeling more comfortable and in our element without all the winter weight gain.. Yes please! The following exercises help you to work towards your summer body in no time.

4 nutrition tips for a fit summer body

A body that is a few winter pounds lighter can definitely make us feel more in our element this summer. Not only is exercising important here, but nutrition also plays an essential role in getting our bodies in shape. Read along.