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Weight loss supplements: Where to start?

We, power women, may have different reasons to lose weight and to use weight loss supplements for this purpose. For example, to feel better in our skin or to become fitter. But where should we start? Read along!

4 simple ways to finish the year strong

Do you want to end the year right? Here is how to do it! We have arrived at the final days of 2022. How can we end this year strong, so that it can help us to kick-start next year?

Christmas gift inspiration: your go-to guide

Are you also counting down to Christmas? The time of being together with family & friends, good food and gifts. You have not got that last one fixed yet? Do not panic! We have got you covered. With this fun Christmas gift inspiration guide, we save you from any stress...

Struggles of a power mum: this is how to survive them

As power mums, we know it is not always easy to have everything in control and find the balance between motherhood and career. Fortunately, there are a number of tips and tricks that help super moms to deal with their daily struggles and bloom optimally. Read along.

Benefits of collagen: things you should know about it

We, power women, often think of the collagen supplement as a wonder drug for keeping our skin, hair and nails intact and glowing. But what is collagen and what are its benefits? Let us find it out now.

Protecting your hair and skin from the sun: This is how to do it!

It is important that we protect ourselves from the sunrays. By doing this we reduce the chances of scalp damage and discolored hair caused by UV radiation. You can read more about it in this article.

This is how you get rid of your cellulite

Cellulite is not a girl's best friend! In fact, it often gets in the way of the self-confidence of power women. In a previous article, you have read about some tricks to enjoy a cellulite-free summer. Now we are going to elaborate on this by sharing with you how to...

Best tips to get cellulite-free skin this summer

We, power women, deserve to shine throughout the year. Feelings of insecurity about our body caused by cellulite should not stop us from getting the best out of ourselves. Here are some best tips that help us to enjoy a cellulite-free summer.

Boost your body confidence during pregnancy

For many pregnant power women, embracing body confidence can be a challenge. Especially the many changes that our body goes through during pregnancy can trigger feelings of body insecurity. The tips and tricks in this article will help you overcome this.