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Daily dose of contagious cheerfulness

Is it possible to wake up wearing a bright smile? Definitely! The Cabau Feel Good Pack provides women with a daily dose of happiness and bliss. The smart combination of boosters strengthens the effectiveness of individual products to enhance joy, satisfaction, and energy. Get ready to rock!

The Mood Booster supports your body’s natural production of serotonin a.k.a. the happiness-hormone. We’ve turned an entire fruit basket into a delicious vitamin supplement to boost your immune system. Take the sleep booster before bedtime and peacefully wander off to the land of dreams.

Feel better

  • One Vitamin Booster a day keeps the doctor away, right? When to surprise your body with vitamins and minerals is entirely up to you.
  • Take the Mood Booster as soon as you wake up and increase the chances to radiate positive vibes all day long.
  • To promote a good night’s sleep, take Sleep Well up to one hour before snuggling up in bed. Make sure to enjoy your sleep in silence!

Please note, you can only benefit from one bundle discount per order. Sometimes the bundle discount is not visible until the checkout page.