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Focus, exercise, recover – repeat

Female warriors require high-quality resources to triumph. Get ready to rumble and push yourself beyond limits. Our Fit Girl Pack is developed to optimize mental focus, maximize physical capacity, and speed up recovery. You were born to bloom and we want you to champion.

An effective pre-workout shot with caffeine prior to training lays the foundations on which you excel and exceed. A vegan or whey protein shake after training or during a meal complements energy levels and feeds your muscles. The post-workout Recovery Drink helps your tired muscles recover rapidly.

As fit as possible (AFAP)

  • Take the Pre-Workout before training to enhance maximum focus on your goals during exercise.
  • A whey or vegan Protein Shake is exactly what your body needs to recover after training. Simply add water or dairy and fresh fruit.
  • Our Recovery Drink promotes physical recovery during or immediately after workout. One cup of BCAAs, proteins and carbohydrates happifies your body very much.

Please note, you can only benefit from one bundle discount per order. Sometimes the bundle discount is not visible until the checkout page.