4 simple ways to finish the year strong

4 simple ways to finish the year strong

Check-in on your goals of 2022

Throughout the year you have been working to achieve the set goals of 2022. How are you progressing with them? Have you already attained them or do you still need to do something about it? In any case, try not to push yourself like crazy anymore. See for yourself what is still feasible to achieve from your 2022 goals. Adjust them if necessary. You can then carry them forward into the new year.

Remember: it is an ongoing journey, it does not stop at the end of a calendar year. 

Reflection moment

What went well and what could be done differently? Write it down for yourself in the Bloombook and reflect on it. A fun way of reflecting is to do this with your friends by playing a game with each other. For example, set up the wheel of fortune digitally and take turns answering a reflective question. This way, you can reflect together in a fun way and inspire each other.

Celebrate the milestones achieved

Reflect on your successes achieved. Have you not celebrated the things you have nailed this year yet? Then now it is the time to do so! Reward yourself on a weekend getaway or one of the Cabau Lifestyle packages to further enhance your blooming journey like losing weight or gaining muscle. Or how about treating yourself to a high tea or cozying up your home with the Cabau Home collection containing delicious fragrance sticks and roomsprays. By truly rewarding yourself, you keep your motivation high.

Show gratitude

The best thing is that we do not have to do things on our own. We fortunately have loved ones who constantly uplift and support us. Therefore, it is important that we let them know often enough how grateful we are with them in our lives. For example, send a handwritten letter or invite them to dinner at your house. You probably could not have done it all without help and support from those around you. 

With the above tips, we can end the year with a bang and kick off the new year strongly!

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