Boost your body confidence during pregnancy

Boost your body confidence during pregnancy

The many changes that our body goes through during pregnancy can get in the way of our body confidence. We become more insecure about how we look physically which, in turn, can affect our self-esteem. That is the last thing we want! That is why we share with you some tips to stay confident about your changing body during pregnancy. You got this, power mums to be.

You are more than just your body

Think of yourself as a gift to yourself and others: a unique combination of your personality, strengths and physical appearance. It is the overall picture that matters. Just because your body undergoes changes during your pregnancy, does not mean that you cannot continue to inspire people with your inner strength, journey and qualities. Keep shining, you have every reason to do so as a pregnant power woman.

Keep exercising

Especially during your pregnancy, it is extra important to focus on your health and that of your baby in the belly. That is why we recommend all power moms to keep moving and exercising. Besides the health benefits, it can give you more strength and confidence. Thus, you will also care less about what other people might think about the changes in your body. It can also help you to keep your body weight in balance. Especially for you, we have workouts and meditation classes for pregnant women in the Cabau Lifestyle App.

Start your day with positive words

Pregnancy can bring along more mood swings. Therefore, it is extra important that you start your day with positivity. Say positive words to yourself, for example, about your body: how proud you are of a specific part of your body. This sets the tone for the rest of your day and keeps your self-confidence high.

Stick to your pre-pregnancy routine as much as possible

It is true that during your pregnancy, there are a lot of things you can temporarily not do because of a growing belly. However, it is essential to stick to your routine as much as you can. It gives you the feeling that you are still the same you, pregnant or not. So, keep planning those me-moments and continue to appreciate yourself!

Connect with other pregnant women

Through various platforms you can get in touch with other pregnant women. Or how about the pregnant women in your immediate surroundings? It gives you peace of mind and a boost in self-confidence when you exchange worries and uncertainties during pregnancy with other women that are in the same phase of the journey. It is then also much easier to give each other advice and courage.

With the above five tips, you will increase your self-confidence and body confidence during your pregnancy. This way, you can enjoy this phase of your amazing journey to the fullest.

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