Everything you need to know about the Mood Booster

Everything you need to know about the Mood Booster

Many power women use the Mood Booster and see its impact reflected in a blooming and healthy lifestyle. It gives us the daily portion of positivity that helps us to shine from the inside out. The excitement around this goodie makes it worthwhile to zoom in on its benefits. Let us dig into it.

Perfect to kick off the day with

Start the day full of energy? Yes please! By taking a glass of Mood Booster first things first in the morning, it will provide us with a new portion of energy. Thanks to the extracts of Ginseng and Rhodiola, it increases our energy level and has a stimulating effect on body and mind. This is how we set the tone for the rest of the day.

It puts a smile on our face

The energy boost that the Mood Booster gives us is not the only thing that makes our bad mood in the morning vanish into thin air. The delicious taste of refreshing Lime triggers positive vibes and spontaneously puts a Colgate smile on our face.

Say goodbye to caffeine

With the extra dose of energy that comes along with this Mood Booster, we no longer need caffeine in our life at all. So, this comes in perfect for those who have been wanting to distance themselves from coffee and its negative effects for a long time already. Unlike coffee, the Mood Booster comes not only with an energy bomb but also with a bundle of other positive effects, such as the antioxidant features and the support of our immune system.

Perfect for vegetarians and vegans

Good news for the vegetarians and vegans among us! The Mood Booster is completely made of plant-based ingredients. So, it fits nicely into a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle. In this way, vegetarians and vegans can enjoy it without any concerns.

Perfect for every "pick me up" moment

We have recommended previously to take the Mood Booster in the morning so that we can enjoy its benefits throughout the whole day. But this delicious goodie is of course suitable to be consumed at any other time of the day as well. When we need a little pick-me-up or a snack, the Mood Booster can give us a hand by providing both an energy boost and a delicious taste sensation. In addition, you can easily carry it with you in the handy Cabau Powder Container so that you can consume it whenever you like.

With these five reasons, we know we are in good hands with the Mood Booster to help us make the most of every moment! Keep blooming, power women.


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