Sleep Well: All the ins and outs

Sleep Well: All the ins and outs

Sleep Well: Everything you need to know about it

In an earlier blog article, we have shared five tips to improve the quality of our sleep. One of our suggestions is to take in Sleep Well every evening before we go to bed. Its proven positive effect and the amazing experience that many power women have with it, make it worthwhile to further zoom in on this goodie. Let us dig right in.

Has an unique effect

The Sleep Well is based on an unique formula composed of only natural ingredients that helps you sleep better at night. Thanks to this formula, it has a distinctive effect and cannot be compared to other sleep aids. The perfect combination of sleep-enhancing ingredients, such as tryptophan, magnesium and valerian, helps you to relax and prepare you for a good night's sleep. In this unique and natural way, you are mentally prepared for a good night's sleep. In addition, the two delicious flavors of Forest Fruits & Green Tea Cranberry help to further create peace in your mind and prepare you for your well-deserved sleep.

Supports weight loss

Since the Sleep Well promotes the quality of our sleep, it also indirectly helps with weight loss. This can be easily explained. When you had a good night's sleep and are well-rested, your body stores less fat and it also comes at the favour of your metabolism. In addition, you feel less hungry (meaning also fewer cravings!) and build more muscle mass. Last but not least, when you are more rested, your energy level is higher and you are more motivated to exercise. By exercising more you, in turn, also burn more calories.

Helps you to create a solid bedtime routine

Routine is very important for us to both create peace in our mind and feel in control of things so that we can continue to bloom. Essential to this routine is, of course, how we end our day. After all, this sets the tone for the next day. The Sleep Well helps us create a bedtime routine so we can be the best version of ourself again the following day. A glass of Sleep Well every night before heading off to dreamland brings rhythm and calmness to our evening. Enjoy and be taken away by the taste of Greentea - Cranberry or Forest Fruits. It is important to have no obligations and especially to let the Sleep Well goodie do its own thing with the sleep-inducing ingredients of, for example, tryptophan and valerian.

Experience for yourself the added value of Sleep Well and how it helps you to keep shining day in and day out. You got this, power women!

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