Keep blooming in the fall season

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Keep blooming in the fall season!

We tend to suffer from an energy dip during fall, but we still need to keep our heads up and unleash our inner potential. We have listed some tips and tricks for all the power women out there so that we can keep thriving during the fall and winter months with the least amount of effort. We got this!

Home workout for the win

When it is grey and cold outside, we are not exactly eager to hit the gym. How nice is it then to be able to fall back on effective home workouts for which we do not have to leave the house? The Cabau workout app and 2-3 accessories at most are all you need. So you have no excuse to not exercise in the cold autumn and winter months. In fact, with the holiday season approaching it is very important to stay fit.

Create moments of bliss

The sun does not show itself as often in the fall and winter. That is why we can more easily fall into a slump. Our energy level is also generally lower than in the spring and summer. This makes it even more important to create moments of bliss. These certainly do not have to be very fancy or expensive. After all, it is about the simple but beautiful moments. What about reading a book by the fireplace, taking a warm bath with a glass of bubbly, baking cookies and making a glass of delicious Mood Booster for yourself? 

Give yourself extra love and attention

Especially when the days are short and our energy levels & resistance tend to be lower, it is more important than ever to show ourselves more self-love. Listen carefully to your heart and do more things that make you happy, power woman. In addition, remember to be more patient with yourself and accept yourself for who you are, including your weaknesses and areas of improvement. Try to face the fears, sorrows & frustrations and derive lessons from them. Believe that they are necessary to make you stronger so that you can shine at your best. Do not let them affect your self-confidence and get in the way of your self-love. Our mental health blogs provide you a helping hand on this.

Expressing Gratitude

Fall is all about harvesting and being grateful for this. We have seized opportunities and embraced new challenges throughout the year, now it is time to look back on them with gratitude. Writing down all the things that we are thankful for in the Bloombook is a valuable and nurturing thing to do. When we are grateful for everything that we have accomplished, we radiate positivity. This, in turn, will draw even more good things to us. Especially in the dark days of fall and winter, we need to keep the positive vibes going. 

Slow down and reflect

When our energy levels are low, it is best to slow down. Instead of cramming our schedule with all kinds of things, we need to take things at a lower pace. Check in with yourself more often and be aware of your feelings and emotions. When things get too much for us, we need to take a step back, instead of forcing ourselves to get things done.

Decorate your home for autumn

In autumn, we spend more time at home. So take the chance to be inspired by all the beautiful colours of fall and decorate your home accordingly. Be amazed by the impact it has on your soul and mind. For example, play around with warm tones, candles and soft blankets. Enjoy the warm and cozy atmosphere inside, while it is cold and rainy outside.

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