The beauty of failure

Beauty of Failure

The beauty of failure

It is a natural tendency of humans to classify setbacks and unfavorable results as negative. That is not weird as they do not come nicely to us and it can even damage our self-esteem. But ask yourself honestly, power women.. without all those setbacks in our lives, we would have never gotten to where we are today. So try to see the beauty in failure and use it to your advantage. The more beauty we see, the more we get of it. Let's go for it, ladies!

A setback, an unfavorable result or a “failed” attempt might trigger anger, irritation, frustration, fear and/or sadness in you. You might feel worthless and your life that seemed so beautiful yesterday, suddenly feels so horrible. This is a sign that your emotions control you. Remember that this negative voice in your head, telling you that you are worthless is not who you are. It is our own choice how we react upon our emotions. Do we let our emotions influence us? Do we let our emotions hold us back? It is our choice.

Our emotions

Then we get so carried away by our emotions that we often push our reason into a corner. This is of course not ideal since it is our reason that can actually help us to get back on our feet after feeling lost.

So, it is important to first get your emotions under control. Take your time in doing so. The first step is to not suppress the negative emotions but to acknowledge them. Find out why you feel a certain way. Then try to process it by, for example, writing it down in the Mood booster. So the initial step is to make sure you get your emotions back on track. In this way, you avoid making irrational decisions that you will regret later. Once you have your emotions under control again, more room can be made for your reason.

Unleash our inner strength

Your mind helps you to put things into perspective. Just because things do not work out this time, does not mean it is the end of the world. In fact, in hindsight you will always see that they actually bring you further. By failing you know that you are both on a progressive learning curve and moving in the right direction. We, power women, are constantly learning and unleashing our inner strengths. New bigger challenges do not necessarily have to yield immediate results. No! As long as they prepare us in the background for better things to come, we should have 100% confidence that things will work out perfectly for us. We can of course choose to keep doing simple things in our comfort zone but that is not what we want. We want to push our limits to bloom more intensely.

Keep blooming, ladies!

By continuing to do your best and keep your motivation high regardless of the fallbacks, more opportunities will come your way. The flow of chances that you have had in the past will keep coming to you. It will not just stop at one setback. Your reason points you towards this insight and shows you the beauty of failure. Embrace this and keep blooming, ladies!

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