Protecting your hair and skin from the sun: This is how to do it!

Protecting your hair and skin from the sun: This is how to do it!

We, power women, all get happy when the sun comes out. We just cannot get enough of it. We love to soak up sunlight as much sun as possible. Unfortunately, our hair and skin are less happy about intense exposure to the sun. Dehydration and discoloration of our hair can occur due to UV radiation. Damage can also be done to the scalp and skin. Of course, we do not want that to happen! So with extra sun protection you score extra bonus points which, in turn, is reflected in an improved skin. In this way we can continue to bloom optimally, even on sunny days.

We, power women, can count on ourselves to put on sunscreen. By doing this, we reduce the damage that UV rays due to our bodies. While UVA rays accelerate the dehydration of your skin, UVB rays are the culprit for burnt and red skin. As for the reduced UV rays that still penetrate our bodies, the key is to know how to deal with the effects.

How exactly? We tell you now!

Our hair must endure a lot during sunny days, especially in the summer. So, we do well to pamper our hair. An extra dose of nutrients is exactly what our beautiful locks are crying for. Biotin, also known as hair vitamin, comes as a lifesaver here. It contributes to the repair and growth of our hair by regulating sebum production. Not only that, but it also plays an essential role in the proper functioning of our skin and nervous system. It works from the inside out.

Together with the Cabau Collagen Booster, it forms the perfect duo! While biotin helps regulate sebum production, collagen takes care of keeping the cells healthy and giving structure & firmness to them. Skin and hair cells that have been damaged by the sun get a lift up from the collagen booster. The latter also contributes to the repair and renewal of the hair and skin cells. 

You know what they say.. Prevention is better than curing. That is why it is still important to continuously do the following things that continue limiting the damage of UV radiation.

Keep drinking

Stay hydrated, ladies! Especially on sunny days, it is important that we refill our Cabau Water bottle more often. Under the hot sun we can dehydrate faster which, in turn, has consequences on our skin and hair. So, supply of more H2O is necessary to keep our hydration level up. By keeping ourselves hydrated our body can also better dispose of waste products and free radicals.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

The UV-A radiation stimulates the production of free radicals in our body.  Therefore, this calls for taking antioxidants that will remove the free radicals from our body. We get these by eating fruits and vegetables. Certain fruits and vegetables are richer in antioxidants than others. Take for example cherries, spinach, tomatoes, berries, lemon, kale, and apples. So, we do ourselves well to take in more of these goodies in the summer. Or you can also choose to take extra antioxidants, such as vitamin C in the form of supplements. 

Avoid the sun when it is high in the sky

UV rays are stronger when the sun is at its most powerful. Therefore, try to adjust your daily routine accordingly. For example, plan your outdoor workouts in the early morning. Are you not an early bird? Then you can also go for your workout after the sun has set.

Make sure you wear a hat

To make sure that the sunrays do not directly reach our scalp or face, we can wear a hat or cap that serves as a protection from the radiation. Plus, it is also very fashionable and instantly enhances the summer atmosphere.

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