The power of meditation

The power of meditation

Many power women among us place great trust in mediation. This is not difficult to grasp. In fact, meditation plays an important role in feeling mentally fit. Together with physical health, mental wellness is the doorway to unleashing our inner strength and showing this to the world. The special thing about meditation is that it connects our mental state with self-love. That is the power of meditation that helps us to both flourish and recognise our unique potential.

What is meditation?

First things first.. What is meditation? It sounds very complicated but it is actually quite simple and accessible. Meditation is nothing but a method to calm your mind so as to bring you closer to your inner self. Come down to your yoga mat or the ground in a comfortable and relaxed position such as laying on the ground or sitting with a straight back and knees bent over each other. Close your eyes. By focusing on your breathing and inhalations & exhalations, you will notice that this automatically puts you in a relaxed mode. Your focus will also get sharper and you start to be more alert. If your thoughts wander, which is completely normal at the beginning, start again with counting your breaths.

Meditation is a simple exercise whose power we should not underestimate, ladies. The art of meditation is to let our thoughts come by & to observe them. What is good to ask ourselves then is what kind of feelings they trigger within us and then release them. Key is to do this without any judgment. In this way, we can really come to our core. We create more awareness on our thoughts, feelings, emotions and behavioral patterns. This opens a door to our inner world. That is the place where we connect with our soul and reach a state of awareness.

Due to the daily hustle and bustle we often unconsciously push the love for ourselves down the priority list. Also, the expectations that others have of us and those we have of ourselves often cause us to be very strict with ourselves. This, in turn, can provoke negative thoughts about ourselves more easily. By focusing on the here and now, where meditation can help with, we show more understanding, patience and love for ourselves. In this way, a happy and loving relationship with ourselves is within hand’s reach.

Love yourself

Creating self-love is really where the power of meditation lies. Self-love, in turn, is the key to unleashing your inner potential & strength so that you can fully bloom. You are the beginning of all the beauty that is to come in your life. Loving yourself will help you to increase your self-esteem. You will not let yourself be beaten down which, in turn, helps you to empower yourself and others.

Find the meditation class that works best for you

Find the meditation class that works best for you. In our app we have meditation videos from no one else than our lovely Yolanthe. The best is that they can serve as both beginner's lessons or refreshing sessions. Let us go for it, ladies!

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