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The power of meditation

Where years ago, meditation was associated with hippies on Ibiza, now meditation is extremely trendy. From celebrities, athletes and models to entrepreneurs and the lady next door. Everyone does meditation. However, meditation is not like those short-term TikTok trends. Meditation plays an important role in feeling mentally fit. A training for the brain is how we call it! Besides physical health, mental wellness is the doorway to unleashing your inner strength and showing this to the world. Meditation helps us to connect with our inner soul and to find self-love. That is the power of meditation. Connect with your inner beauty and allow yourself to recognize your unique potential.

What is meditation?

First things first.. What is meditation? It sounds very complicated, but it is quite simple. Meditation is nothing but a method to calm your mind and connect with your inner self. The beautiful thing about it is that we can all do it. You just have to allow yourself to release. Come down to your yoga mat or the ground in a comfortable and relaxed position such as laying on the ground or sitting with a straight back and knees bent over each other. Close your eyes. Focus on your breathing. Slowly inhale and gently exhale. This will automatically put you in a relaxed mode.

If you find this quite difficult, then use the Coloring Method. Visualize your body as a color sheet and slowly color your whole body with a particular color. Start with your toes and slowly work your way up to your legs and lower abdomen. Finish with your head. By using this method, you are so busy coloring your body and each specific point that you automatically let go of your thoughts. Did you know that every color has a meaning? For example, the color white stands for a new beginning and a clean slate whereas red stands for love and strength.

Meditation is a simple exercise whose power we should not underestimate, ladies. The art of meditation is to let go of our thoughts but also to observe and give meaning to thoughts and feelings. By being aware of certain events and thoughts in life, you will be able to recognize the underlying reason of certain emotions which will help to release them. The key is awareness and recognition. By being aware of your emotions and by recognizing your feelings, you learn to connect with your inner self. The latter is important as this will allow you to reach a state of true happiness and self-love.

Love yourself

Due to the daily hustle and bustle we often unconsciously push self-care down the priority list. By doing this, we do not recognize our feelings and thoughts because we "push them aside". Negative thoughts keep swirling around in our body and mind and have a negative impact on our self-image, sense of happiness and mental health. Through meditation, we learn to focus on the here and now which helps us to acknowledge our feelings. In this way, a happy relationship with ourselves is within hand’s reach.

Creating self-love is really where the power of meditation lies. Self-love is the key to unleashing your inner strength and allows you to fully bloom. Remind that YOU are the beginning of all the beauty that is yet to come in your life. Loving yourself and choosing for you and only you, helps you to increase your self-esteem. This, in turn, helps you to empower yourself and others.

Find the meditation class that works best for you

Find the meditation class that works best for you. In our app, we have different meditation classes waiting for you. From beginner’s lessons to advanced classes and meditation classes for kids. Little reminder: it does not matter how far you are when it comes to meditation. It is all about practice, practice, and practice. The more you do, the better you will become in letting go of your thoughts. Even a five-minute meditation class is an achievement.

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