Create the perfect fitness routine

Create the perfect fitness routine

Due to our busy schedules, creating a fitness routine seems like mission impossible for many power women. So, here at Cabau Lifestyle, we have come up with a fitness app that helps you to easily build  a workout routine. A fitness routine gives us strength, self-confidence, structure and peace of mind. These are key ingredients to bloom at our fullest and empower ourselves & other power women. How exactly does the Cabau Fitness App help us to develop a fitness routine?

Set your workout goals

We are more motivated and show a higher perseverance when we know what it is that we strive for. Is it a sculpted body, a stronger physical condition or a higher stamina what we are doing it for? In our workout app you find a variety of exercises that will help you to figure out what your fitness goal is. Once you have this clear for yourself, you can start with the exercises in a structured way. Keep track of your progress in your Bloombook.

Build it up gradually

The exercises range from beginner to advanced levels. So they are accessible to everyone. Start at the level you feel comfortable with and work gradually your way up. If you are more experienced but still want to refresh certain techniques, then the beginner workouts are perfect for you as well.

You do not do it alone

In all workout sessions you will be guided by no one else than Yolanthe. Let her be your sports buddy who will drag you through the workout. As your workout buddy, she keeps you motivated and makes sure you get a higher sense of commitment. Always remember that you are not alone. You are surrounded by other ladies who are on the same amazing journey. You get reminded of this in, for example, our Cabau group classes.

Minimal sport equipment needed

Do not be put off by expensive fitness equipment as in our exercises they do not come into play. The workouts in our Cabau Fitness App are specifically designed to achieve effectiveness with just your body weight and a few cool sports accessories. You already have everything you need to start your workout with us now. So what are you waiting for? Let's go.

For the price of three take away coffees per month, you have premium access to the app with exclusive workout videos. Replace the three paid cups of coffee with our delicious Verry Berry Smoothie (the recipe is exclusive to our app only). You will be amazed by its delicious taste.

The wide variation of workout exercises keeps the motivation going

Monotonous exercises are often the reason why we drop out and do not make it to the finish line. That is why we have specially designed a variation of exercises to keep our motivation level high. No workout is the same. This makes it so addictively fun that we do not even want to stop. We also feed the app regularly with new videos to keep the surprise effect going.

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