The power of scent on our minds

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At Cabau Lifestyle, there is nothing we want more than to create harmony between our body and mind. It is only then that we can bloom optimally. Although many of us do everything we can to feel physically fit, often enough we catch ourselves not giving enough care to our mind. Like our body, our soul deserves to be pampered as well. One of our favorite ways to do that is enriching our mind with scents, which is exactly also the story behind our Cabau Lifestyle Home Collection.

Scents influence our mindset

Through our senses, including smell, we receive new information that helps us perceive the world around us. So, the scent that enters our nose is able to trigger a certain mindset in us. This means that we should have it clear for ourselves which scents can give us a positive mindset. Make sure you always have those fragrances within reach, for when you are in a slump or in a difficult situation. For example, do you get positive vibes from calming scents, like those from our Calm Collection? Then make sure that these types of fragrances are prominently present in your living and working environment.

Scents give us a certain power and strength

It is simply a fact that we associate scents with certain situations, objects and topics. Scents that bring up happy moments and memories in us give us strength. This strength helps us to both keep our head high and fight negativity. Take, for example, the fragrance of our Glow Collection. It takes us to dreamy and exotic places to trigger our sensual self. Is the association with these places something that gives you strength and energy? Then you are doing yourself a great favour by bringing this scent into your presence. 

Scents incite us to take action

Not only can scents trigger associations within us, they are also capable of stirring up specific emotions and inner feelings. When we are not feeling mentally fit, scents help to make us happy and give us encouragement. The resulting emotions, in turn, stimulate us to take certain actions that boost our mental well-being.

Scents put us into perspective

When we are caught up in our thoughts and mind, it does us a lot of good to break from it. A pleasant and empowering fragrance that helps stop the tunnel vision or negative spiral, such as our Harmony fragrance, comes in perfect. It puts us into perspective and helps us gain self-insight. This way, we no longer get stuck but can think in a solution-oriented way instead.

The Calm, Glow & Harmony collection is available in two different variaties: Fragrance Sticks & Roomspray. Go for the full scent experience and bundle the powers with the Cabau Home Collection Bundle!

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