The Power of the Moon

The Power of the Moon

The Moon is not only a beauty on the outside, but she also holds a true power soul. This goddess of the universe has a great impact on the Earth’s water regime and seasons. Moreover, there is a great likelihood that she affects our emotions as well.

The moon guides you through the darkness and will light you up.

One day, you are feeling good, you are full of inspiration, and it seems like only good things are happening to you. In your positive vibe, you plan a retreat vacay on Ibiza with your best friend. The next day, you can barely get out of bed, struggle to get on the treadmill at the gym and you feel totally useless. Recognizable? Been there, done that! Yet it is quite strange. One day nothing or nobody can ruin your life and the next day you wonder what you are doing on Earth and who you really are. Is this the moon that uses its power on us? 

To better understand the power of the moon, we must take a closer look at nature. The tides of the ocean and the water flow in plants are influenced by the Moon. We power women consist approximately 70% of water and other fluids. So, there is a great possibility that our bodies and the emotions that float through our bodies are influenced by the Moon. By becoming aware of the power of the Moon and its phases, we can better time our choices and understand your feelings. Will we then finally understand ourselves better... 

Phases of the Moon

The phases of the moon consists of: New Moon, Waxing Gibbous, First Quarter, Waxing Quarter, Full Moon, Waxing Gibbous, Last Quarter and Waxing Crescent. In today’s blog, we are focusing on two important phases: New Moon and Full Moon.

New Moon

Shocking! The Moon is basically a crystal ball. It does not shine herself, but nevertheless we may admire her beauty through the sun's rays that illuminate her. During the New Moon, the Moon is positioned between the Sun and the Earth. Although she is not visible, this beauty in the dark still exerts her power on us. With the new lunar circle starting during the New Moon, it is a perfect time to set new goals and intentions for the coming month. The New Moon represents a clean slate, a fresh start; a seed that is planted. 

Happiness cannot be found in the material things in life.

It is about the small things that cannot be touched.

The things that do not make an Insta story.

The things that are too late for a Snapchat.

Those things are only possessed by the mind.

It is only this fact that makes happiness priceless.

Meditation tips

Connect with your inner soul. What would you like to achieve this month? What are your intentions and what makes you truly happy? Here, we are not focusing on the material stuff like money, cars and houses. On the contrary, we are focusing on our soul. What is making our soul feel satisfied? Let go of negative throughs and events that no longer serve you. Focus on the future. Plant the seed of a beautiful flower that will bloom from it. 

Personal development

Write down your goals and intentions for the coming month in a Notebook. Makes a distinction between personal, work related, sport and social related goals. Consider what makes you feel genuinely happy and what it takes to become the woman you want to be. 

To connect your goals with the power of spirituality, you can use Bloomcards. Place all Bloomcards on a table, close your eyes and gently move your right or left hand over de cards. When you feel an attraction to a card, put your hand down and take the card. Your intuition is telling you that this card fits you at this moment. The spell on the card can help you with a positive mindset. Put the card next to your bed or on your desk so that you are continually reminded of the spell. Watch what it does to your mind, ladies!

Full Moon

Full Moon is the peak of the lunar cycle. The Moon is at her fullest power and is completely illuminated by the sun. We are able to tap into the energy of the goddess and focus ourselves on gratitude and forgiveness. This is a perfect time to reflect on ourselves and travel back in time. What difficult decisions did we face? What discussions did we have? What emotions have surfaced within us? This is the time to forgive yourself from decisions or situations you may now wish you had done differently. Let go of things that no longer serve you and focus on the positive.

Meditations tips

Put yourself in a comfortable position, possibly with your gemstones in your hands or around you, close your eyes and forget about the world around you. This is the time to focus on you and only you. Allow yourself to travel back in time and reflect upon decisions you had to make, discussions you have had or other situations or feelings that are still taking over your mind. It is time to let it all go. Focus on the positive. This will help us sleep better. 

Now it is also time to focus on our achievements. We’ll see that the things we had focused on, have found their way. Yet we’ll look full of positivity to what is coming next. We cannot control the future and we cannot change the past. Now is all we have. So, let we embrace the present and focus on how we should behave to finally become the women we desire for.

Personal development

Reflecting on your behavior and goals will give you a clear overview and will create peace in your mind. This allows you to clear your head and focus on new things. By creating calmness, you can sleep better. And sleep is so incredibly important to be able to work towards your goals, to get the best out of your daily exercise and to stay focused during the day. Sometimes we just need a little extra support to reach dreamland. Sleep Well is that for you. A delicious drink that relaxes your muscles and enables you to wake up the next day completely refreshed. After your self-reflection, why not read a chapter from that great book with a cup of warm Sleep Well Cranberry Green tea? Or maybe you prefer a refreshing cold Pineberry drink while you enjoy the stars in the backyard. 

Only if we open ourselves up, will we feel the power of the moon and see its full light. 

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    Mooi verwoord allemaal ik ga het allemaal proberen mediteren en natuurlijk het sporten wens mezelf suc 6 liefs Karin

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