The truth about Valentine’s Day

The truth about Valentine’s Day

Valentine. An outdated commercial concept or does it have something after all, the day of love? One thing is for sure, TikTok is already flooding with Valentine Content including Valentine makeup inspo and the trend “If it’s February 4th and he hasn’t asked you to be his Valentine yet..”

Red Heart Theme

Whether you like it or not, every year the world around us is decorated in the red heart theme and, secretly, we hope our lover surprises us with a romantic getaway. Is that weird?! I don’t think so.

Since we were young, we are overwhelmed with Valentine’s Day. At my high school, there was a whole Valentine concept where you could send your crush a red rose anonymously. On Valentine’s Day, these roses were handed out. 

Love is beautiful. Love connects and inspires us. Love is a strength that allows us to feel, to enjoy, to live. It is our driving force, something we basically do it all for. It is something we are all looking for, something we all hope to find.

Self love

Yet, there is one love we often forget. Push asides, like it cannot be there. It’s the love our heart craves for the most but receives the least. While searching for love outsides, there is so much love within ourselves.

Self love is not something we find, but a choice we have to make every day. The choice to put ourselves first in every decision we make. A commitment to ourselves. Self love is where every love begins. When we are one with ourselves, love and accept ourselves, we are able to share our love with someone else without expectations. Love is not a barter. Love is giving, without expecting anything back.

We visit our sick mother with a bag full of fresh fruit, because we love her and want her to get better. We give our friend, who has lost 20 pounds, a compliment about her glow-up, as she deserves it. This is love. But let’s not forget to give ourselves some love too.

Give yourself compliments and tell nice things to yourself. Every morning, write a loving note to yourself for at least fourteen days straight. Stick this note on the mirror so you re-read it every time you look in the mirror. Positive messages as a daily reminder. Loving hugs from yourself, to yourself. Love Notes To Yourself.

Tips for the perfect self care night

  1. Self care begins with soul food meaning a nice winter beverage that not only brings warmth and love to our soul, but also takes care of our skin. The Collagen Chai Latte is your start of a perfect self care night. Did you know that collagen, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid give your skin an ultimate hydration boost and glow?!

  2. Writing helps us to let go of thoughts, reflects on our emotions and behavior as well as putting things into perspective. The Cabau Bloom Journal is your daily me time moment to rest and reflect.

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