We got an Easter gift for you

We got an Easter gift for you

Help the Cabau bunny find the golden & blue Easter eggs

This spring season opens new doors for you to take on new chances and rise again. Bloom together with the flowers in the lawn and be inspired by the morning songs of the birds. To celebrate both this flourishing time of the year and Easter, the Cabau bunny came by with some lovely boxes of Cabau Easter eggs.

You receive them as a gift with every purchase made between today and Saturday. While supplies last, so hurry up and shop now!

In all his enthusiasm, the bunny has accidentally dropped 5 golden and 25 blue easter eggs in some of the boxes. Help him find them and get:

Golden Easter eggs: One of the 5 luxury influencer boxes worth €300,-

Blue Easter eggs: One of the 25 one-year premium subscriptions of Cabau app with a value of €99,

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  • Jolanda on Apr 01, 2021

    Had pas besteld, nu toch nog maar een product besteld en wie weet heb ik een klein beetje geluk! Producten zien er zo goed uit dat je ze allemaal wilt hebben ☺️

  • Jessie S on Apr 01, 2021

    Wat een super leuke actie.. ik wilde al wat producten uitproberen.. dus ik ga gelijk bestellen🥚🐣🙌 fijne pasen 🐰

  • Manon on Apr 01, 2021

    Jaaaa besteld hoor ben benieuwd doe mij de gouden eieren maar

  • Lisa De Ruiter on Apr 01, 2021

    Leuke actie! Net een bestelling geplaatst Ik ben benieuwd 🌷🐣

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