Yolanthe’s Birthday Wishlist

Yolanthe’s Birthday Wishlist

Every day is a good day to be happy. Let’s take today. Today is a happy day. Because it’s Yolanthe’s birthday! Time for presents, cake, and parteeehh! We couldn’t be more wrong. Yolanthe’s birthday wishlist looks a little different than what you might expect: the list consists of three wishes for the world.

Birthday party

Glamorous party outfits, a pink sugar-coated cake filled with candles and smiling people showing off their best moves on the dancefloor. Yeah… No. Not today, not in times of COVID, social distancing and lockdowns. Speaking of lockdowns: did you know that Yolanthe voluntarily got locked up in a cage for 12 hours? Here’s a TBT the Lock me Up – Free a Girl event 6 years ago, when Yolanthe and others were encaged for an entire day.

Birthday wish #1

For girls worldwide to be free and safe.

“I wish for each and every girl that her human right to freedom will be respected. We must create safe environments for girls to study, develop and grow to become the changemakers this world needs so badly.”

Birthday present

Another tradition that happened to be a little different this year is that of birthday gifts. Usually, it’s the birthday person that receives presents and surprises. Not today! This time, Yolanthe wants you to receive pink boxes filled with Cabau Lifestyle goodness getting a 15% discount! Why? Because her aim is for women to thrive and she wants to make that process easier and more fun. After all, everything in life is about the journey – not the destination.

Birthday wish #2

For women to be strong and confident.

“I wish for women, wherever they find themselves, to own their lives. Find that inner spark and hold on to it. Your strength will guide you in good and bad times. You are your power.”

Birthday celebration

One of the most remarkable characteristics of Yolanthe is her love for people. She was only 7 years old when she experienced an epiphany – a deep feeling of admiration for the human being. Yolanthe recognized unique powers in each single person she met and realized that it is indeed this power that each of us must use to build the world we want to live in. A world in which human rights are self-evident by nature.

Birthday wish #3

For the world to be peaceful

“I wish for the world to be a kind place for all that live in it. Let’s give instead of taking. Let’s share instead of keeping to ourselves. Let’s love instead of hating. Let’s live instead of simply existing.”


Happy Birthday to Yolanthe

Birthdays are invaluable moments of reflection. Are we happy? Is this where we though we’d be? What are our wishes for the future? How can we make a difference, starting from today? Well, fulfilling Yolanthe’s three birthday wishes is a good starting point. What if we’d work together to make these wishes become reality? It’s not in the slightest bit impossible. It’s not about purchasing gifts because it’s not about money. We’re talking about all the things that money can’t buy. Yolanthe’s birthday wishlist embodies action that everybody can take. Starting today. 

So dig deep and find that inner strength, your fire, worth, mojo – whatever you want to call it. Grab it by the balls and use it to empower the world.

Will you join us?

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  • Melissa Halsema on Mar 20, 2021

    Happy Birthday powervrouw♡ Je komt op mij over als een mooi en oprecht persoon!! Als we allemaal dezelfde verjaardagswensen zouden hebben als jou, zou de wereld een stuk mooier zijn ♡

  • roelien on Mar 19, 2021

    Gefeliciteerd yolanthe , geniet van de mensen om je heen vandaag!

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