Who do you want to be?

Who do you want to be?

With Cabau Lifestyle, my goal is to inspire women to be the best they can be and bring out their inner strength. Good mental and physical health, supported by a healthy lifestyle, provides the foundation for our inner power woman to flourish.

In fact, it is about the complete harmony between our body, soul and mind. Especially the latter is an interesting one and still wants to mess with us sometimes.

Fortunately, our mind is trainable. We can influence our thoughts to the point where we can make them work for us. Claudia is a professional mind coach. She is going to share her expertise and tools here, so that we as powerwomen can further unleash our unique strengths and potentials. Let’s bloom and shine together!

- yolanthe -


Hi there! I am mental coach Claudia and in this blog I help powerwomen to gain more control over their lives to achieve better results. Besides being a mental coach, I am an enthusiastic athlete with an elephantine love of tasty, healthy (and plenty of!) food.

"Thoughts determine your feelings, your feelings determine your behaviour and your behaviour determines your overall functioning" 

#1 Who do you want to be?

Direct your own behaviour, work on self-improvement, and become the person you want to be. Mental coaching is your guidance on this development-journey. Mental coaching helps you explore your inner depths, discover hidden strengths, and use that power wisely for a happier life.

Become a better version of yourself

A better version of yourself? Wait a sec. Are you not good enough?! Of course, you are good enough. However, life has many days and it would be a shame if you would not keep developing yourself. Self-improvement is a result of being more aware of yourself. By getting to know yourself for real and perhaps reinventing yourself, you magnify your magic. You will become a better entrepreneur, mother, leader, colleague, athlete, or employer. That is what we mean when we speak about becoming a better version of yourself: a badass powerwoman who uses all her strength and potential to thrive big time.

Good thoughts, bad thoughts

Mental coaching teaches you to become the master of your own mind. It provides you with tools to get negative thoughts out and let positive thoughts in. Once you take charge of your subconsciousness, overcoming setbacks and taking them on as challenges will be a lot easier. Although mental tensions obviously skyrocket in uncertain times like the ones we are currently living, mental coaching will also help you grow and flourish when you’re totally in the pink and experiencing psychological peace. Getting a peek into your own behaviour is always a good plan if you want to combine and balance your physical and mental strengths to achieve better results.

Let’s Do This!

Yeah, get on with it! I feel you. But we’re not talking impulsively jumping into stuff here. We’re talking about a mental coaching method that finds its roots in the country of bicycles: the Netherlands. Let’s Do This (translation: Gewoon Doen) is a mental coaching method to dramatically shift your thoughts, using common sense and a solution-oriented approach. Furthermore, it teaches you to deal with your emotions and covers the art of living from your centre. The Let’s Do This method provides you with the mental skills you need to improve the quality of both your personal life and professional performance. And.. surprise! The following blogs will be dedicated to the basics of Let’s Do This and grant you knowledge about – and insight into – the magic of your mental existence.

Master your mind

Feeling good starts with understanding the functioning of your system. Self-knowledge is the key that unlocks the door behind which happiness and growth have been patiently waiting to be embraced by you. The more self-knowledge you gain, the better you’ll learn how to recognize your own behaviour, impulses and reactions – the more you’ll be able to use your behaviour as an instrument for the sake of self-growth. On top of that, self-knowledge frees your mind and liberates hidden creativity with an astounding positive impact on both soul and body. My role as a mental coach is to support you on the journey to your inner self and help you listen, watch, learn and practice constructive self-talk on a daily basis.

DIY assignment

Enjoying the job of your dreams and a great life is a highly probable possibility. The state of the art we’re aiming at here is the trick to balance between a nice job, a blissful relationship and a healthy body. Are the different aspects of your life in equilibrium? Let’s find out with the following DIY assignment! Yes. I am indeed giving you homework. And you’re gonna love it big time.

  1. Think about the different aspects in your life. Write them down in your Cabau Bloombook.
  2. What is the level of importance for each of these aspects? Rate each aspect from 1 to 10.
  3. How much time and energy do you spend on each of the individual aspects? Using a pencil, draw a large circle and create a pie chart. More time and energy equals a bigger slice.
  4. Now compare the first assessment with your circle chart. Are the aspects you consider important the same ones you spent most of your time and energy on?
claudia coach

Our journey begins here

Mental coaching is for anyone who wants to feel good, make the most of their lives and learn to constructively handle stress, tension, and emotions. Becoming the best version of yourself starts with self-knowledge. Arm yourself with valuable insights, control and creativity and nothing or nobody will block your growth! I am beyond happy for us to embark on this journey. Together.

Lots of love,

Mental coach Claudia

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  • Quinta on Mar 08, 2021

    Ik ben ook heel benieuwd, en heb er zin in om aan te beginnen. Zitten nu wat corona kilootjes aan, die ik graag voor de zomer eraf wil.. ook positief gedachten trekt me erg aan, 3x keer in een depressie gezeten/zit.
    Fijn zijn daar zonder medicatie een knop voor om te kunnen zetten.
    Heb nu al de yolantes daily routine bundel, en de sleep well ..

  • Nicole van Deurzen on Mar 06, 2021

    Hoi ik ben Nicole en wordt in juli 50 ik heb al verschillende doelen bereikt in mijn leven maar op gewicht blijven lukt mij tot op heden nog steeds niet. Ik heb last dat ik mij vaak overeet dan eet ik de hele dag ongezonde dingen. Welke producten kan ik hiervoor het beste gebruiken
    Liefs Nicole

  • Lonne on Mar 05, 2021

    Ik kan ook niet wachten om hiermee te starten! Klinkt veelbelovend 🤩

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