Why International Women’s Day is important

Why International Women’s Day is important

International Women’s Day is a day to embrace – and question women’s rights achievements so far. It’s a day we can use to raise awareness about gender equality. Just one special day. Even if one day is not nearly enough to address gender (in)equality around the world.

“Your right is to flourish. Every day.”

Once upon a time…

In ancient Greek province of Sparta, men and women enjoyed the same levels of basic education. While in most other parts of the world, including the ‘advanced’ Western countries, women were educated only in the social roles and the correct behavior of wifehood, motherhood and in general, womanhood. The function of pooping out babies carried with it a biological inferiority: women were needed to produce offspring and it was up to the man, by working hard and giving a good example, to guarantee this offspring had a decent life.

The First Woman’s Rights Convention

In 1848 the first Woman’s Rights Convention was hold in Seneca Falls, New York. The two-day event attracted 300 men and women expressing their discontent about the lack of legal rights for women. Among the legal rights for women they demanded was the right to vote, although it took Congress a few years to pass the bill. Only in 1919, just before the end of the First World War, on June 4th the 19th amendment was passed by Congress. One year later it was ratified and finally women were allowed to vote.

And they lived happily ever after

Well, not quite. Decades of women protests for the right of education, equal labor rights and the right of a woman to protect herself followed. And still, we’ve got a long way to go. In most European countries and the US, the fight for equal pay for all sexes is an ongoing one. In countries in Latin America, the Middle East or Asia, woman’s subordination to a man is a harsh reality. From a very young age. That’s why NGOs like Free a Girl are campaigning to stop the exploitation of girls and fight for a better future. And that is why one International Women’s Day is not nearly enough.

Women are meant to bloom

One globally accepted day to realize women’s rights are important is a good start. A start, that is, because women deserve to bloom every day. Every. Single. Day. The fact that you happen to be a potential child-bearing person does not mean you can be denied a job. The fact that you are beautiful does not mean you can be touched without explicit consent. The fact that you are woman does never mean that you are less.

Let’s empower the world

Together with a devoted Cabau community Yolanthe strives to empower the world. We want you to be aware of your inner strength, which power is not limited to the female world only. While we woman empower ourselves, we inspire the people around us. As we raise strong children or function as role models for the young future generations we meet, we have the capability to empower the entire world. History has taught us a lot but the present will teach us once more:

Dear powerwomen, the time to bloom is now.

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