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Get slim smartly and go for a bikini body

Losing weight is a serious challenge. That’s why we brew a formula to help you maximize efforts and reach concrete goals – or concrete abs, for that matter. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced weight watcher, the Cabau Bikini Body Pack makes eating less and getting slim a whole lot easier and fun.

We know changing your daily routine can be hard. That's why we created the Bikini Body Meal Plan. The Meal Plan consists of healthy breakfast-, lunch- and diner-options in combination with your Bikini Body Pack. You'll receive the Bikini Body Meal Plan for free when you order this bundle.

Two fatburners a day keeps excess weight away! To avoid overeating and secret snacking, the fatburner is consumed half an hour before breakfast and one hour after lunch. The High Protein Meal Shake replaces or complements up to two daily meals. Don’t worry, dinner is all yours.

Best Bikini Body

  • Take the Fatburner twice a day, preferably at snack-striking times. It helps you feel less hungry and more energized.
  • The High Protein Meal replaces an entire meal. Which meal you pick depends on you; are you a fast breakfaster, a lazy lunch-lady or a no-time-for-dinner-chick?
  • Work towards your dream body in a proper and responsible way with our Bikini Body Meal Plan.

Please note, you can only benefit from one bundle discount per order. Sometimes the bundle discount is not visible until the checkout page.