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After Detox Cleanse Program (E-book)


The 21-Day Cleansing Program is created for the three weeks after completing the 5-Day Superfood Detox.  It consists of two phases:

Phase 1. Cleansing - 7 days
You have finished your 5-Day Superfood Detox. From this week on you can add some extra ingredients to your meals. Like a bit of carbs, dairy and protein again.

Phase 2. Clean Eating - 14 days
You have arrived at the third phase of your Superfood Bloom Detox. This phase lasts for two weeks. In the next two weeks, we're going to be doing a lot of baking. Think healthy treats and healthy bread substitutes without sugar and low in carbs. No time to bake? You don't have to! These recipes are super easy.

Don't have the 5-day Detox Plan yet? Get it here.