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Harmony between body and mind

We from Cabau Lifestyle believe that power women can only bloom optimally when our body and mind are in harmony. The two are inextricably linked, just like Ying and Yang. They are equally important and are the building blocks for our path to empowerment. Mental complaints can cause physical ailments. On the same line of reasoning, when our body is in shape, we will also feel fitter and stronger mentally. With this belief, we have released our goodies.

Your journey starts now

Each item has its own story and contributes to either our body or our mind. It helps us to proceed with our blooming process so that we can be more of the power woman of our dreams. Our goodies encourage every power woman to continue her amazing journey full of joy and courage, regardless of the final goal and unique path that each of us takes.


Our body is the castle where our soul resides. For this reason, we must take good care of it and ensure that it stays healthy and fit. Exercising and healthy eating are the foundation of this. Therefore, part of our collection is dedicated to our body: sports accessories, beauty items and food supplements. The former helps us to exercise more effectively. What cannot be missed here are food supplements that either make your workouts more effective or have a stronger positive effect on our body in combination with a workout. Finally, we have the beauty must-haves that help us to show ourselves to the world with confidence and courage. But also our Bloom water bottle belongs to this list. It makes sure we drink enough water, and hence is part of our mission to let our bodies


Where Ying is, there must also be Yang. Good physical health is essential, but we cannot fully bloom until we are mentally well too. Together they form the key ingredients for being a happy and blooming power woman. Our Mind collection helps maintain your mental health and consists of a variety of goodies. Our Cabau home collection, containing of room sprays and fragrance sticks, helps you to both find your inner peace and tackle things with positive vibes. Our meditation videos in the Fitness App, Bloomcards, Bloom Book, Mood Booster and Sleep Well are also part of this purpose. They help you to reflect, think positively and deal with negative emotions (e.g. stress, anxiety and sadness). This way, an inner balance is created that gives you strength in achieving your goals.