Stylish design

The mixer has a modern design. With the included stand, the Bloom Mixer adorns your countertop and is always ready for use. The mixer comes in two beautiful colours, so there is always a mixer to match your interior!

Ideal for on the go

The electric mixer is cordless and compact. This also makes it easy to take with you. So you can make your favourite Boosters anywhere. Put it in your work, sports or weekend bag and you are always ready to make a delicious side-soaked drink.

Easy to clean

The mixer is easy to clean. Simply run the hot tap and rinse the metal part in the running water. If necessary, turn on the mixer in the water to rinse it further. Let the mixer dry easily in the stand.

How to use

Easy to use

Follow these steps to use the cordless mixer:

  1. Add water or milk to a glass or cup, then add the supplement of your choice.
  2. Hold the mixer deep in the glass or cup, making sure it does not touch the bottom.
  3. Press the button on the mixer and hold the mixer still while the product and liquid mix.
  4. For some extra foam, move the mixer upwards when the product is well mixed.


Which Cabau products can I mix with the Bloom Mixer?
The Mixer is specially designed for the Cabau Boosters. The mixer mixes the Mood Booster, Sleep Well, Pre-Workout, Fatburner, Collagen Boost and Creatine effortlessly and in no time into a delicious smooth drink.You no longer need a shaker for this!

Can I also use the Bloom Mixer for the Protein Shake or High Protein Meal?
Yes, but due to the structure of the products, we do recommend pre-mixing the Protein Shake or High Protein Meal in a Shaker or with a spoon first. The Bloom Mixer makes the drink even more delicious by making the shake extra airy. Tip: hold the Bloom Mixer water higher in the glass or shaker and what until the amount of foam is to your liking.

How do I clean the Bloom Mixer?
Step 1: Run hot water from the tap.
Step 2: Hold the metal part of the Bloom Mixer under the running water.
Step 3: Turn on the mixer so that it flushes well.
Step 4: Place the cleaned mixer in its stand and let it dry.