Fall glow up

Fall glow up

With the falling of the leaves, the shorter days and the changing weather and nature, a transformation takes place within us as well. Instead of feeling moody, use the short days to catch up on sleep, the gray weather to spend time on your selfcare routine at home and the autumn period to try new seasonal recipes. There is a reason we call this time of the year Self Care Season.. Time for a glow up!

Boost your metabolism in the morning

By starting the day with some exercise, we boost our metabolism right away. Instead of waking up after hitting the snooze button a few times and rushing to work, wake up an hour earlier and start your day with a 10-minute workout, morning walk or yoga session at home. Movement in the morning not only helps you to burn more calories, it also increases energy levels throughout the day and decreases stress levels within the body.

Working out at home has plenty of advantages such as time management, approachability, and comfort. Download our free workout app to try out different strength workouts, cardio classes, yoga sessions and ab exercises.

Glow with vitamins

We often associate autumn with a sore throat, a cold, and the flu. The changing weather impacts our immune system making us more vulnerable for viruses.  That is why we need to boost our immune system by taking our daily vitamins and eating healthy and fresh meals including lots of veggies. The vast majority of Dutchies have vitamin D deficiency during the fall and winter period as the sun shines too little during this time of the year. Our body needs sunlight to make vitamin D. To fill the deficit, take your vitamin D supplements on a daily basis.

Besides vitamin D, our body and skin also crave vitamin C. Vitamin C plays a major role in our defense system against infections. Moreover, vitamin C is definitely one of our favorite skincare products as it helps our skin to stay hydrated and luminous. Did you know that our Collagen Booster is full of vitamin C? During the fall period, our skin tends to become dry and dehydrated which is why we need our Collagen Booster by our side. 

Another fact about us Dutchies. The majority of our population does not conform to the Health Council's guideline of eating fish once a week. Omega 3 in oily fish such as mackerel and salmon is important for our body and protects us against cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, omega 3 benefits our skin health.

Sleep Well Dream Well

If getting ready for bed looks like scrolling through your Instagram feed and For You Page, it’s time for a drastic change in your nighttime routine. The blue light coming from our phone, laptop or television screens causes your body to produce less melatonin making you feel less tired. Those blue lights are also partially to blame for waking up groggy, anxious, and tired in the morning. So, time to change things up as sleep lays the foundation for our healthy lifestyle. A good night of sleep has a positive impact on our metabolism, hormone balance and energy levels within our body while too little sleep negatively impacts these functions.. Make sure to sleep at least 8 to 10 hours a night. If you have a hard time falling asleep, a portion of melatonin could help you at night. Our Sleep Well booster helps you to fall asleep easily and wake up fresh and energized.

Eat nutritious meals

Eating healthy and varied meals full of veggies and fresh ingredients is not only important to fuel your body with vitamins and minerals, but nutritious meals also decrease sugar cravings. The most common root cause of cravings comes from calorie restriction. Eating too little can trigger stress levels in your brain which leads to binging and overeating which then leads to guilt and negative thoughts. Thus, it is both harmful to our body and our mind. Always remind yourself that eating is a way of loving and nourishing your body, fueling it to do what it needs to support you throughout the day. Healthy meals including lots of veggies and fruits also benefits our skin health, making our skin look glowy, healthy and hydrated.

Remember that fall reminds us that change is beautiful. So, use this season to nurture yourself, to grow and evolve.

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