The secret lies in your routine

The secret lies in your routine

Jennifer Aniston seems to be a never-aging goddess. The actress is known for her healthy lifestyle and swears by her strict routine. Her mornings don’t include mails and Instagram dm’s. No, Jennifer has an offline morning. After waking up, she doesn’t look at her phone for at least 1 to 1,5 hours. Instead, Jennifer does a meditation every morning.

After, she loves to write in her diary as a mindful and positive start of the day. Taking collagen has also become part of her morning routine (a real anti aging miracle). We love to hear about celebrities’ morning routines, but what makes a routine so effective? Well, we have the answer.. 

We are what we do consistently. Routines are the actions we perform regularly and in a specific order. 

Yolanthe’s morning routine

Yolanthe Cabau, founder of CABAU Lifestyle, starts her day with a cold shower followed by the intake of her vitamins. Afterwards, Yolanthe engages in a morning mediation followed by a 10-minute workout or yoga class. After her movement, it’s time for breakfast. Yolanthe always makes a healthy breakfast for herself and son Xess such as a smoothie, protein pancakes or protein oats with loads of fresh fruits. “My morning routine helps me to start the day energetic, positive and healthy.”

On autopilot

When we perform specific actions for a long period of time in the exact same order, we will create a routine. After a while, this routine will be conducted on autopilot. When you repeat Yolanthe’s morning routine for a while, the individual actions will transform into automatic acts. Whereas at first you consider very consciously turning on the cold shower, after a while you step under it without a second thought.

As we stop consciously thinking about it, we have more awareness and energy for other things. Our healthy routine is now incorporated in our life, making it easier to stick to it. This makes reaching our goals way easier right?!

Let’s start

In order to build a new routine, it is important to define what you want to change and what goal you’d love to reach. You might want to move and drink more or you might want to spend more time on self-care and sleep.

Write down the actions you want to execute in order to reach your goal. For extra movement and water intake, you could put your alarm an hour earlier in the morning in order to go for a walk before work. During your walk, you make sure to drink a liter of water (tip: use our bloom bottle).

If you want to spend more time on self care and sleep, you could set an alarm at 9pm at night. When the alarm goes off, you turn off all electric devices. Yes, that includes your phone! As of this moment, you’ll put a mask in your hair, read a book or engage in a sleep meditation.

Now that you have calmed your mind, you are ready to go to bed early. When we repeat these actions on a daily basis, we are not even aware of it after a month. It has become our routine. You’ll see!

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